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Trooper John Sheffield

Ancestor Details

Ancestor's Name: John Arthur Sheffield

Ancestor's date of birth: 26/10/1878

Ancestor's date of death: 27/03/1953

Cause of Death: Age Related

Service and Life Before the Boer War: Detail not provided

Service Number: 279

Colony or State of enlistment: NSW, Place of Enlistment: Sydney

Unit: B Squadron The First New South Wales Mounted Rifles

Rank attained in Boer War: PTE, Date Effective: 01/1900

Highest Rank attained (if served after war): No post Boer War Service

Murray Page: 64

Contingent: First New South Wales

Ship: Southern Cross, Date of Sailing: 17/01/1900

Memorial details: Buried Sydney

Awards/Decorations/Commendations: Queen's South Africa Medal with Orange Free State, Driefontein, Transvaal, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Wittegergen and Cape Colony clasps.

Personal Characteristics: Detail not provided

Reasons to go and fight: Detail not provided

Details of service in war: March 1900 - March 1901 Joined the push against the Boers after Paardeberg at Poplar Grove, 7 March 1900 then fought in engagements to the east then north up to Diamond Hill, north of Pretoria on 12 June 1900. Then took part in Guerilla phase of the war, being at Vredefort when Howse won his VC in July 1900. Last major engagement was at Honwater in Cape Colony, 20 December 1900.

Service and life after the Boer War: Married Isabella Rew and had 5 children Emily, Jean (born 26 October 1923), John. Neta and Alan (all deceased) Worked as a courier and chaffeur. Lost an eye in an industrial accident.

Descendant Details

Name of Descendant: Gail Laverick, Castle Hill NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: granddaughter

Name of Descendant: Larraine Mason, Castle Hill NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: granddaughter

Name of Descendant: Wendy Hobden, Hinchinbrook NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: granddaughter

Name of Descendant: Zoe Laverick-Reeve, Hornsby NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: great granddaughter

Name of Descendant: Sharni Pitman, Fairlight NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: great granddaughter


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