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Sergeant Henry Dixon

Ancestor Details

Name of Ancestor: Henry George Dixon

Ancestor's date of birth: 23/01/1882

Ancestor's date of death: 13/08/1952

Cause of Death: Died State Hosp Lidcombe, NSW (cause not given)

Service and Life Before the Boer War: Born in Wadsworth, Surry, England. Migrated to Australia, with parents on 'SS Belgic' 12 September 1885. Moved to Canada. Served 3 years in the Royal North West Police, and 1 year, in the 97th Algonquin Regiment. His service with the Royal Canadian Dragoons is noted on this Australian WW1 service record as 2 yrs - 5 mths.

Service Number: 1608

Colony or State of enlistment: Not Australia, Place of Enlistment: Canada

Unit: 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Royal Canadian Dragoons)

Rank attained in Boer War: SGT, Date Effective: Detail not provided

Highest Rank attained (if served after war): PTE, Date Effective: 24/07/1916

Murray Page: Not applicable did not serve in an Australian unit.

Contingent: First Canadian

Ship: Not known, Date of Sailing: 21/02/1900 (from Canada)

Memorial details: Buried Rookwood Cemetery (near Sydney NSW)

Awards/Decorations/Commendations: Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps. British War Medal and Victory Medal.

Personal Characteristics: Height 166 cm, weight 69 kg (1916)

Reasons to go and fight: Detail not provided.

Details of service in war: Served March - November 1900. The Regiment's first action was seen on the 22-24 April 1900. Then it took part in the advance on Pretoria in May. In July the Regiment escorted 2 RHA guns and became involved in heavy action. While a troop of the Regiment was on outpost duty in South Africa, all seemed quiet; but a sentry reported to his officer that a number of springboks were bounding frequently into the air as though alarmed. The officer ordered an The Boer Warimmediate stand-to in time to drive off an attack by a large party of Boers, who had managed a stealthy approach to the outpost. The most noteworthy action occurred on the 7 Nov 1900 along the Komati River at Leliefontain. While engaged in a hotly contested withdrawal, the Dragoons saved two guns belonging to D Bty, Royal Canadian Field Artillery. This action was followed by another in Steelport Valley 13 Nov. 1900, which ended the Regiment's stay in South Africa. The Regiment arrived back in Canada in January 1901. ( taken 18 November 2012).

Service and life after the Boer War: Returned to Canada and married Edith E Howard 14 January 1903,migrated to Australia around 1913 with wife and four children. Served 384 days, AIF Administrative Staff then discharged. Joined the AIF, Regimental Number 6226, 23 Battalion, 17 Reinforcements, 24 July 1916 till 27September 1917. Was wounded on the western front in May 1917.

Descendant Details

Name of Descendant: John James Dixon, Albany Creek QLD
Relationship to Ancestor: Grandson


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