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Sergeant Hector Cox

Ancestor Details

Name of Ancestor: Hector William Percival Cox

Ancestor's date of birth: 04/07/1881

Ancestor's date of death: 24/11/1915

Cause of Death: Motor Bike Accident

Service Number: 2225

Colony or State of enlistment: Not Applicable, Place of Enlistment: Wellington New Zealand

Unit: 12 Company, Wellington Section, 5th New Zealand Mounted Rifles

Rank attained in Boer War: SGT, Date Effective: 05/1901

Highest Rank attained (if served after war): No evidence of post Boer War service

Murray Page: Not applicable did not serve in an Australian unit.

Contingent: Fifth New Zealand

Ship: Waimate, Date of Sailing: 31/03/1900

Other Boer War Service: Transfered to 7th New Zealand Contingent and promoted to Sgt May 1901, two tours.

Memorial details: Timaru Cemetery, New Zealand

Decorations: QSA with four clasps, KSA with clasps SA 01 and SA 02.

Personal Characteristics: Good Character

Reasons to go and fight: Details not provided

Details of service in war: The Fifth Contingent reached South Africa along with the Forth Contingent in April-May 1900. It had been raised following a British initative in February 1900 to meet a shortage of mounted troops. It's expenses,as with all subsequent contingents, were met by the Imperial authorities. It was originally intended that the men,who were enlisted on one year term engagemets,in contrast to the open ended terms of their regiments,but in the event the Contingent was kept together. Sgt Cox was in charge of a New Zealand group who captured a party of Boers. Sgt Cox liberated a revolver and swords from a Boer. The revolver remained in the family for many years. There was an inscription on it as fellows'Happy 21st Birthday Seymour Arnold,Grandma Queen Victoria'. This seems to relate to Captain Seymour Arnold, formerly of the Madras Lancers but serving in the Boer War with Kitchener's Horse.

Service and life after the Boer War: Hector Cox was born in Featherston NZ. He joined his uncle Sam Cox at Karioi in the late 1890's where he looked after the shop and worked on the farm. His uncle bred throughbred horses and Hector rode as a gentleman rider over jumps winning several trophies. The record shows they caught and broke in many wild horses the best being sent to the Boer War as reliable mounts. Hector went to the Boer War and on Being discharged returned to Karioi to farm with his uncle. He married Adelaide Louisa Andrews on the 23 February 1903 at Palmerston North, returning to Karioi by packhorse train. When the construction of the railway line reached Karioi Hector's wife was due to give birth to their third child. The railway bought up there first carriage to transport her to Palmerston North for the birth.There was much celebration, during these festivities their eldest child Dorothy managed to creep away unnoticed and fell into a dam at the back of the house. As all efforts to resuscitate her failed until a Maori gentleman picked her up and held her upside down above a smoking fire,then compressed her chest to make her inhale. In a very short time she was bought around and handed back to her grateful parents. A Maori cure never mentioned today. They remained there until 1910 when after the devastation of a big fire went South to the South Island where he became the manager of Booth McDonalds a Farm machinery firm. At age 34 he was killed in a road accident at Washdyke, outside Timaru. He was survived by his wife and seven children.

Descendant Details

Name of Descendant: Graeme Cox, Targao NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: Grandson

Name of Descendant: Louise Maricinkowski, Coolangatta QLD
Relationship to Ancestor: Grand Daughter


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