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Please note that these ancestors were living where indicated in the period 2010 - 2015 when registered. Since that time they may have moved or passed on.

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Charles Aaron Private Arthur Whitmee

Beverley Aberline Private Alexander Aberline

Graeme Abraham Sergeant Henry Barton

Charles Achilles Private Frederick Achilles

Glenn a'Court Sergeant Henry Hodges

Brett Adams Trooper Robert Latham

Major Dick Adams APM RFD Trooper Robert Latham

Heather Adams Private Samuel Shearer

Paul Adams Private Phipps Adams

Keith Aggett Private Joseph Aggett

Bruce Agland Private Herbert Agland

Nola Aicken Private Thomas Aicken

Kevin Alcock Sergeant Edwin Alcock

Kevin Alcock Trooper Joe Alcock

Judith Alderman Private Walter Asquith

Mark Alderman Private Walter Asquith

John AllenTrooper George Allen

James Allison Trooper Alfred Giles

Roslyn Allen Trooper Albert Beaumont

Roslyn Allen Corporal William Chant

Roslyn Allen Trooper Thomas Powell

Roslyn Allen Trooper Walter Watson

Dennis Allnutt Corporal George Allnutt

Ian Allwood Corporal Frederick Allwood

Clare Anderson Private John Evans

Denise Anderson Trooper Andrew Anderson

Denise Anderson Trooper James Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson Lance Corporal Duncan McLennan

Kelly Anderson Private Donald Fraser

Kelly Anderson Corporal John Fraser

Roy Anderson Private Hans Anderson

Alexander Andrews Captain John Watt

Marguerite Andrews Lance Corporal George Goodwin

Marguerite Andrews Lance Sergeant John Goodwin

Margaret Andrews Trooper Ralph Holland

Howard Angel Private Thomas Angel

Martin Angelatos Private Samuel Shearer

Paul Angell Private William Angell

Bruce Angus Trooper Albert Angus

Janet Angus Lieutenant Thomas Glasgow

Marie Armstrong Trooper Frank Vollmerhause

William Armstrong Trooper Henry Armstrong

Gordon Asbury Private Walter Payne

Alan Ashby Corporal George Ashby

Ethel Ashe Private Robert Evans

Leonard Ashburner Trooper Joseph Ashburner

Edith Ashton Lance Sergeant John Smith

Roger Ashton Lance Sergeant John Smith

Walter Asquith Private Walter Asquith

Leigh Austin Captain James Berry

Leigh Austin Sergeant Robert Berry

Gaye Atkinson Sergeant Henry Clarkson

Gaye Atkinson Lieutenant Anthony Forrest

Sandra Attwood Trooper Robert Attwood

Bruce Avard Trooper Frederick Avard

David Avard Trooper Frederick Avard

Colleen Avard-Johnston Trooper Frederick Avard

Michelle Avedissian Private Robert Krauth

James Ayling Corporal Henry Ayling


Karen Bache Private William Lilley

John Backhouse Trooper George Blundell

Akane Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Alexander Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

David Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Kylah Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Michael Baden-Powell Major Baden Baden-Powell

Michael Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Miles Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Rani Baden-Powell Major General Robert Baden-Powell

Janet Bagnall Trooper Alexander Draper

Trevor Bail Lance Corporal Herbert Bail

Stephanie Bailey Sergeant Major Thomas Goucher

Tania Bailey Lieutenant Peter Handcock

John Baird Shoeing Smith John Baird

Denis Balcombe Private Samuel Barnes

Michael Baldry Lieutenant Colonel James Mackay

Christine Ballard Lance Corporal Stanley Perkins

Thomas Bannister Private Thomas Bannister

Sarah Bardsley Private Frederick Bartlett

Cherie Baron Trooper Patrick O'Grady

Shirley Barrette Trooper Henry Comben

Shirley Barrette Trooper Samuel Ralphs

Gordon Barker Private Hans Knudsen

Jill Barker Sergeant Ivan Campbell

Alan BarnesPrivate John Barnes

Edna Barnes Private George Carney

Lesley Barnes Trooper Frederick Avard

Patricia Barnes Trooper Ashley Whitney

Michael Barnett Lance Corporal Hector Shelley

Michael Barnett Private Walter Shelley

Alan Barnham Sapper Walter Barnham

Anthony Barrett Trooper Edward Farrell

Merle Barrett Trooper Isaac Bewley

Patricia Barrett Sergeant John Perkins

Brigid Barrer Sergeant John Barraclough

Caleb Barry Trooper James Goodes

Chloe Barry Trooper James Goodes

Jacob Barry Trooper James Goodes

Joanne Barry Trooper Herbert Goodes

Madison Barry Trooper James Goodes

Alexander Bartlett Private William Jeffrey

Sophie Bartlett Private William Jeffrey

Hilda Bartley Private Charles Adams

Diana Barton Warrant Officer George Clark

Michelle Barton Sergeant Harry Walker

Walter Beale Trooper Walter Beale

Edward Beard Private Walter Beard

Alan Beardwood Private Robert Watson

Neville Bendall Private Thomas Bendall

Trevor Bendall Private Thomas Bendall

Marion Bennet Lieutenant Colonel Lancelot Clarke DSO MID

Graham Bennett Sergeant Henry Bennett

Jean Bennett Private John Cameron

Jean Bennett Private George Roney

Kerry Bennett Sergeant Henry Bennett

Marie Bennetts Sergeant Francis Beauvais

Richard Benson Lieutenant Alfred Benson

Joseph Benton Trooper Charles Benton

Chris Bentley Trooper Patrick Fitzhenry

Fiona Bekkers Trooper Victor Jones

Beryl Bellamy Trooper Frederick Brack

Faith Bell Trooper Herbert Bishop

Joan Bell Private Stanley Dare

Peter Bell Private Charles Barnes

Cantello Bellay Major Robert Lenehan

Shirley Berg Trooper Harold Stanton

Shirley Berg Private Oswald Stanton

Bruce Berry Captain James Berry

Bruce Berry Sergeant Robert Berry

Glenise Berry Captain James Berry

Ian Berry Captain James Berry

Ian Berry Sergeant Robert Berry

Jonathan Berry Captain James Berry

Jonathan Berry Sergeant Robert Berry

Neville Berry Captain James Berry

Ann Best Lance Sergeant Henry Best

John Best Lance Sergeant Henry Best

Michael Best Lance Sergeant Henry Best

Paul Best Lance Sergeant Henry Best

Martin Beveridge Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Pauline Beveridge Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Anthony Berry Sergeant John Gamble

Peter Bidencope Lance Corporal (Lieutenant?) Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh

Jeanette Bily Private Robert Halliwell

Alexandre Birchall Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Isaac Birchall Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Isabella Birchall Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Sophia Birchall Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

William Birchall Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Anthony Bisdee Lieutenant John Bisdee

Carol Black Private Forrester Muir

Glenn Black Private James Roach

Ann Blades Private John Evans

Jean Blain Trooper Joseph Dopson

Gregory Blainey Major Robert Lenehan

Laura Blainey Major Robert Lenehan

Bruce Blair Trooper Richard Blair

Geoffrey Blair Trooper Peter Holm

Leonie Blair Private Arthur Blair

Richard Blandy Lieutenant Francis Douglas

Adam Blaxland Private Archibald McPherson

Robyn Blaxland Private Archibald McPherson

Del Blowes Private Herbert Andrews

Douglas Body Sergeant Elice Body

Brian Bollard Lance Corporal Albert Bollard

John Bollard Lance Corporal Albert Bollard

Patricia Bombell Trooper Daniel Frawley

Peter Boone Private Fred Bonsall

Albert Booth Trooper Joseph Booth

Marika Borlase Trooper Thomas Borlase

Judith Borrett Sergeant Arnold Wienholt

Betsy Boundy Sergeant Henry Prosser

Erica Boundy Sergeant Henry Prosser

John Boundy Sergeant Henry Prosser

John Boundy Trooper Herbert Prosser

Paul Boundy Sergeant Henry Prosser

Mae Bowater Private Philip Dwyer

David Bowditch Lance Corporal Alexander Love

John Bowe Trooper Joseph Judd

Nita Bowers Staff Sergeant George Rauchle

Kim Bowman Trooper Thomas Martin

Joy Bowman Captain Cecil Middleton

Lindsey Bowman Trooper Thomas Martin

Scott Bowman Trooper Thomas Martin

Vivien Bowman Lieutenant Peter Handcock

Steve Brackin Trooper James Brackin

Geoffrey Braddon Trooper Laurence Hoy

Adrienne Bradley Private Pierce Smith

Adrienne Bradley Sergeant William Smith

Clare Grace Bradsley Private Frederick Bartlett

Jack Steven Bradsley Private Frederick Bartlett

Catherine Brauns Trooper Arthur Daley

Heather Bree Trooper George Proctor

Peter Breen Trooper Samuel Heathwood

Dennis Brennan Private Michael Brennan

John Brew Trooper Phillip Brew

Robert Brew Trooper Phillip Brew

Ian Brewer Private Charles Brewer

Frances Brewerton Trooper Wilfred Farrar

David Brewster Sergeant Frederick Brewster

Geoffrey Brewster Sergeant Frederick Brewster

Lewis Brewster Sergeant Frederick Brewster

Kaye Bricknall Lance Corporal James Roberts

Megan Bridge Corporal Sydney Hicks

Eileen Brimble Sergeant Henry Prosser

Sharon Broad Private Frankland Smith

Elizabeth Broadbent Trooper Frederick Avard

Gordon Brodie Sergeant Alexander Brodie

Donna Brooker Lieutenant Donald Buchanan

Geoffrey Brooks Private Robert Holmes

Beth Brosgarth Private Herbert Taylor

Ena Brown Private Edward Dudley

Glynn Brown Private Leon Brown

Joan Brown Private Percival Grant

Noni Brown Corporal George Fardell

Peter Brown Trooper Thomas Mitchell

Ron Brown Corporal Henry Bohlsen

Sidney Brown Sergeant Joseph Brown

Valda Brown Trooper Granville Cooper

Grant Browne Trooper Charles Browne

Patricia Browne Trooper Hobart Cato

Harold Browning Sergeant Edgar Browning

William Brunsdon Lieutenant John Morgan

John Bryant Sergeant John Wardrobe

Leila Bryant Sergeant John Wardrobe

John Bryce Private Patrick Bryce

Fred Bucholtz Trooper James Bucholtz

Lillian Buck Captain Alfred Adie

Brigadier Paul Buckley Private Christian Thomsen

Ruary Bucknall Trooper George Williamson

Jean Budden Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Keily Bull Major Robert Lenehan

Lorraine Bull Major Robert Lenehan

Malcolm Bulluss Trooper Walter Bulluss

Samuel Bulless Trooper Albert Slade

Bethwyn Bunn Private Arthur Woods

Lorna Burdon Private William Cooper

Barry Burke Lieutenant Claude Hugonin

Isabel Burke Lieutenant Claude Hugonin

Squadron Leader John Burgess ED (Retd) Sergeant William Burgess

Leonard Burgess Private James Murray

Frederick Burgin Trooper Alfred Burgin

Benjamin Burke Private Charles Burke

Joan Burley Private Alfred Button

Jill Burling Trooper Raymond George

David Burnett Private Arthur Rigelsford

Stephen Burns Sergeant Michael Burke

Graeme Burrows Private William Burrows

Robert Burrows Trooper Albert Burrows

Richard Bushell Sergeant Alexander Russell

Sean Butler Private Robert Butler

Irene Butterworth Private Arthur Rigelsford

Kenneth Button Private Walter Button


Jocelyn Cahill Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Margaret Cahill Private Henry Brown

Albert Caines Private Charles Woodhead

Betty Callaway Trooper Robert Threlfall

Marilla Calvert Private George Brown

Donald Cameron Major Cyril Cameron

Heather Cameron Major John Cameron

Ellen Campbell Trooper Stanley Johnston

Ian Campbell Lance Corporal Hector Shelley

John Campbell Lance Corporal James Campbell

John Campbell Able Seaman William Campbell

Lyndsay Campbell Private Richard Allan

Diane Callinan Trooper Farquhar Williamson

James Callinan Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Leanne Cappellari Trooper William Dawes

Rosamund Campbell Special Correspondent Andrew Patterson

Craig Carlisle Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Jack Carlisle Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Kate Carlisle Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Margaret Carlisle Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Peter Carlisle Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Joan Carlson Private Joseph Aggett

David Carment Colour Sergeant William_Inglis

Diane Carmichael Private James Leslie Wilson

Robert Carney Private George Carney

Albert Carpenter Private Charles Carpenter

Allan Carpenter Sergeant Henry Prosser

Gwenneth Carratt Trooper Norman Price

Max Carrick Trooper James Carrick

Max Carrick Trooper Matthew McBaron

John Carroll Sergeant John Dooley

Patricia Carroll Private Richard Marr

Laurel Carruthers Private James Wells

Mary Carswell Trooper Frank Burrows

Mary Carswell Sergeant John Thurston

Mary Carswell Trooper Martin Zollner

Jennie Carter SSM Edward McNabb

Brian Casey Private James Casey

Garry Casey Private Thomas Casey

Susan Casey Gunner John Mullen

Cheryl Cash Guardsman Henry Schultze

John Caskey Lieutenant Lachlan Caskey

Richard Caskey Lieutenant Lachlan Caskey

Trevor Cason Lance Corporal Samuel Cason

Trevor Cason Trooper William Cason

Vanessa Cassin Sister Julia Anderson

Dorothy Chaleyer Private James Coupe

Colonel Laurence Chambers Sergeant James Chambers

Orlena Charleston Trooper Harry Knudson

Jeiel Charlton Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Jonathon Charlton Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Lorna Charlton Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Nikki Charlton Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Kevin Cheetham Trooper John Cheetham

Joan Chesher Trooper William Tough

Raymond Chesher Lance Corporal Edward Chesher

Brian Chetwynd Sergeant John Copland

Allan Chilcott Trooper Osborne Chilcott

Liam Chivers Trooper Ashley Whitney

Nadine Chivers Trooper Ashley Whitney

Olivia Chivers Trooper Ashley Whitney

Glenn Chipperfield Private John Coleman

John Chopping Trooper Joseph Dowling

Maurice Chopping Trooper Joseph Dowling

Susan Chowne Lance Sergeant Henry Best

Paul Church Private William McMahon

Fenella Christian Trooper Charles Cawthorn

Barbara Clark Warrant Officer George Clark

Janet Clarke Private Henry Brown

Brian Clare Gunner William Clare

Elsa Clark Sister Eliza Hoadley

Lola Clark Trooper Thomas Mitchell

Geoffrey Clarke Sergeant Angus Livingstone

Leo Clarke Private William Jeffrey

Bernard Clarry Private Samuel Cooper

Glory Clifford Corporal Frederick Moore

Barbara Clink Private James McKerlie

George Coats Corporal George Allingham

Lori Coates Lance Corporal William Craven

Michael Cobb Trooper John Cobb

Amy Coble Private William Lilley

Beverley Coble Private William Lilley

Danielle Coble Private William Lilley

Bene Cockran Corporal Ben Cockran

Rebecca Coghlan Lieutenant Allan King

Lola Coker Private James McClintock

David Coleman Trooper Douglas Arndell

Dennis Coleman Trooper Ashley Whitney

Glenn Coleman Trooper Ashley Whitney

Jack Coleman Trooper Ashley Whitney

Zoe Coleman Trooper Ashley Whitney

Francis Coleridge Sergeant Alexander Brodie

Jean Coles Private Frank Seymour

Sylvia Coles Private Frank Seymour

Beth Collier Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Cherlyn Collier Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

James Collier Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

John Collier Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Margaret Collier Private John Anderson

Michele Collier Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Brian Collins Corporal Edward Hogan

Shirley Collins Corporal Walter Legge

Shirley Collins Staff Sergeant Mark Pickett

Sophie Collins Lieutenant George Witton

Steven Collins Sergeant George Ve'all

Anne Conlon Trooper William Francis

Malcolm Connell Private George Provan

Margaret Connell Private George Provan

Raymond Connell Private George Provan

Denis Connelly Private Richard Preston

Richard Connelly Private Richard Preston

Roslyn Conway Sergeant Albert Harrington

Amanda Cook Trooper Albert Whyte

Brendan Cook Private Authur Strickland

Heather Cook Trooper David Smyth

Heather Cook Trooper James Smyth

Sandy Cook Sergeant Arnold Wienholt

Judith Cooke Trooper Thomas Whitford

Rod Cooke Trooper Thomas Whitford

Ryan Cooke Trooper Ira Cooke

Ian Coombe Lieutenant James Tedder

Glenys Cooney Private Robert Kolbe

Jane Cooper Trooper Robert Cooper

Marie Cooper Private Matthew Wilmot

Michael Cooper Sergeant Henry Prosser

William Cooper Sergeant Henry Prosser

John Cope Private Henry Beecher

Marley Corinaldi Trooper Thomas Hodgman Smith

Charles Cornell Lance Corporal Frank Cornell

Charles Cornell Private Herbert Cornell

Norma Corse Staff Sergeant George Rauchle

Peter Cory Lieutenant George Cory

Eric Coughlan Sergeant William Learoyd

James Costello Sergeant-Major James Costello

Marigold Costello Major Robert Lenehan

Ian Coupe Private James Coupe

Peter Coupe Private James Coupe

Ethan Covetz Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Joel Covetz Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Matthew Covetz Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Nicole Covetz Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Sara Covetz Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Arthur Cox Private William Cox

Roger Cox Private Charles Gordon

Barry Cox Corporal Robert Streatfield

Darrell Cox Trooper Robert Cox

Diane Cox Lieutenant Edwin Leane

Graeme Cox Sergeant Hector Cox

Lyn Cox Trooper Thomas Tooze

Lindsay Cox Trooper Walter Solomon

Peter Cox Private Henry Rust

Wendy Coxhead Sergeant Alfred Tymms

Frank Cracknell Sergeant William Cracknell

Catherine Crapp William Lubbock RN

William Crapp William Lubbock RN

Leon Cremer Major Charles Kellie

Annette Crews Trooper Thomas Breakwell

Robert Crick Lance Corporal William Edley

Janet Croft Private John Millington

Myrtle Croke Trooper Joseph Rowland

Peter Cross Private George Lye

Graham Crouch Trooper Henry Crouch

Michael Crouch Trooper Henry Crouch

Vincent Crow Corporal Benjamin Crow

Diane Cullen Private Thomas Clutterbuck

Eleanor Cullen Captain Charles Gehrmann

John Cullen Private James Langley

Peter Cullen Corporal Charles Cullen

Judy Cumming Bugler Andrew Dwyer

Amanda Curran Private Rupert Thornton

Aaron Curtis Trooper Thomas Martin

Daniel Curtis Private Frank Seymour

Glen Curtis Private Frank Seymour

Nicole Curtis Private Frank Seymour

Alan Cuthbert Private Charles Cuthbert

Geoffrey Cuthbert Francis Francis Brien

Geoffrey Cuthbert Trooper Herbert Cuthbert

Geoffrey Cuthbert Trooper Ranald Cuthbert

Cynthia Cuthbertson Private Archibald Gordon

Grace Cuthbertson Private Archibald Gordon


Lisa D'Adamo Corporal Walter King

Brian Daffern Sergeant Frederick Daffern

Ian Dalliston Lance Corporal James Dalliston

Noel Dalton Lance-Sergeant William Dalton

Lynne Margaret Damaschun Sergeant Maurice Lee

Beryl Daniels Private David Priest

Stuart Daniels Sergeant Caleb Vacchini

Richard d'Apice Private John d'Apice

Gregory Darcy Trooper Edward D'arcy

Geoff Dare Sergeant Miles Dare

Narelle Dare Sergeant Miles Dare

Lynneeta Darmody Private Louis Waterson

Geoffrey Davidson Private John Davidson

Jill Davis Trooper Douglas Arndell

Maureen Davis-Catterall Bombardier George Hicks

Colton Daveney Private Gilbert Daveney

Thomas Davie Private Thomas Davie

John Davies Trooper John Roberts

Patricia Davies Sergeant Major Herbert Rogers

Patrick Davies Sergeant Lionel Gouly

Andrew Davis Trooper Albert Phillips

Roy Davis Trooper Mathew Davis

Thomas Davison Lance Corporal John Burkitt

Thomas Davison Private Harold Burkitt

Russell Dawe Private George Williams

Christopher Dawson Captain George Wilson

Jennifer Dawson Trooper Ashley Whitney

Kim Dawson Trooper Ashley Whitney

Laureen Dawson Private Archibald Gordon

Sam Dawson Trooper Ashley Whitney

Lisa Dean Trooper George Dean

Frank Deane Trooper Richard Walker

Pam Deane Trooper Walter Smith

Simon Dean Private Christian Thomsen

Lieutenant Colonel David Deasey RFD Private Edward Bowen

Lieutenant Colonel David Deasey RFD Trooper Robert Latham

John Deasey Trooper Robert Latham

Michael Deasey Trooper Robert Latham

Susan De Chaneet Private Oliver Hadden

Julia Dekenah Commandant George Ross

Michael Dekenah Commandant George Ross

Sophie Dekenah Commandant George Ross

Myffanwy De Lacy Private John Worrall

Robert Delaney Private Arthur Spreadbury

John Dellavedova Private John Hughes

Kieran Dempsey Lieutenant Peter Handcock

Anthony Dennis Corporal George Dennis

Christene Dennis Trooper John Nicholson

Shirley Denyer Trooper James Beatty

Shirley Denyer Trooper William Beatty

Shirley Denyer Gunner William Feagan

Shirley Denyer Lieutenant Owen Taylor

Shirley Denyer Lieutenant Thomas Taylor

Paula Dent Lance Corporal Bright Anderson

Janice de Vallence Private Henry Watts

Diane Deveril Major James Thomas

Glenys Dewitt Trooper Alan Weeks

Glenys Dewitt Trooper Maurice Weeks

Barrie Dexter Trooper Walter Dexter

Jennifer Dexter Trooper Walter Dexter

Jeremy Dexter Trooper Walter Dexter

Paul Dexter Trooper Walter Dexter

Robin Dexter Trooper Walter Dexter

Debbie Dickson Sergeant Thomas Donohoe

Jane Diggins Private Frederick Bartlett

Justin Diggins Private Frederick Bartlett

Pauline Diggins Private Frederick Bartlett

Sadie Diggins Private Frederick Bartlett

Melanie Dinning Trooper Dominic Trim

John Dix Lance Corporal Charles Dix

John Dixon Sergeant Henry Dixon

Tarian Dixon Trooper Edgar Howard

Alan Doak Trooper James Doak

Sandra Doddridge Sister Eliza Watts

Felicity Dodds Captain Arthur Evans

Francis Doerr Trooper Hugh Corpe

Janice Doherty Sergeant Major Richard Doherty

Joseph Donnelly Lance Sergeant John Smith

Valda Donnelly Trooper Thomas Mychael

James Donohoe Sergeant William Donohoe

James Michael Donohoe Sergeant William Donohoe

Michael Donohoe Sergeant William Donohoe

Harry Donsworth Corporal James Donsworth

Learne Dooley Private Arthur Stephens

Louise Dooley Sergeant John Dooley

Maree D'ooria Lance Sergeant John Smith

Clare Dorey Trooper Louis Hutley

Mary Dorney Driver James Trevenar

Kenneth Doughty Trooper Charles Cawthorn

Mildred Dowler Private William Abrahams

Robert Dowling Trooper Joseph Dowling

Ian Dowling Corporal Alexander Evans

Michael Downey Private George Downey

Ken Doyle Trooper Thomas Doyle

Melodie Drew Major Reuter Roth

Shirley Drewett Private Cecil Simmons

Rosalie Drew Trooper Frederick Avard

Danielle Drill Lance Corporal Louis Aeschlimann

Debbie Drought-McGregor Private William Beecher

Pat Druitt Trooper Frederick Druitt

Dawn Druitt-Hollins Trooper Thomas Druitt

Robert Druitt Trooper Thomas Druitt

Christopher Drury Private Noel Drury

Fay Dubrich Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Helen Dulong Sergeant Charles Blake

Caitlin Duncan Sergeant William Burgess

Christine Duncan Corporal Isaac Farrant

Connor Duncan Sergeant William Burgess

Dominique Duncan Sergeant William Burgess

Jeanne Duncan Corporal Isaac Farrant

Norman Duncan Private Edward Duncan

Patricia Dreyer Major Charles Reade CB, MID

Elsie Dunne Trooper (Shoeing-Smith) John Spencer

Andrew Dwyer Bugler Andrew Dwyer

Kaye Dwyer Captain John Watt

Shirley Dwyer Trooper James Heron

Fiona Dyball Corporal John Jones


Ann Eagles Lance Corporal Frederick Knowles

Bruce Eaton Second Lieutenant Cecil Woods

Bruce Eaton Lance Corporal Frederick Woods

Geoffrey Eddy Private Edwin Eddy

Cynthia Edwards Trooper Arthur Hall

Elizabeth Edwards Private Frederick Ford

Eric Edwards Private Frederick Ford

Marilyn Edwards Private Frederick Ford

Revd Fr Peter Edwards Trooper Herbert Baker

Revd Fr Peter Edwards Private Arthur Single

Rosemary Edwards Private Frederick Ford

Mark Edwell Lance Corporal Horrace Edwell

Mark Edwell Trooper James Medaris

Robyn Egan Trooper Arthur Martin

Susan Egan Corporal Frederick Moore

Edith Eggleton Lance Sergeant John Smith

Frederick Eiseman Private Frederick Ward

John Eiseman Private Frederick Ward

Kelvin Edlington Private Oliver Holding

Terrance Eleison Private William Lilley

Kathleen Eling Trooper Edward Daft

Emma Elias Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Don Elks Trooper Thomas Scotland

Betty Ellis Trooper Charles Murphy

Derek Ellis Captain James Berry

Kerry Ellis Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Robert Ellis Trooper Charles Murphy

Donald Ellison Trooper Charles Ellison

Judith Emmet Corporal James Mitchell

Ellen Rose Ennever Sergeant Ernest Rose

Margaret Ennis Trooper Charles Ellison

Janice Enright Trooper Edward Enright

Leonie Entwistle Trooper Robert Threlfall

Alice Evans Trooper Edgar Howard

Anthony Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Berenice Evans Private Walter Kohler

David Evans Private John Evans

George Evans Lieutenant George Witton

Jacob Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Linda Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Luna Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Michael Evans Private John Evans

Michale Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Milton Evans Shoeing-Smith George Evans

Noah Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Peter Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Peter Evans Private John Evans

Robert Evans Private Norman Anderson

Samuel Evans Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Sherree Evans Private John Arnold

Jeanette Evelyn Trooper James Clark

John Everett Trooper John Everett

Kathleen Everett-Deards Trooper John Everett

Margaret Ewart Private Albert Weeks

Rhonda Eyre Private John Coleman


David Fagan Private William Fagan

Dorothy Farlow Major George Heaney

Dorothy Farlow Corporal Roderick Heaney

Lillis Farrell Private Benjamin Spurway

Lillis Farrell Sergeant Robert Spurway

Lorraine Farrelly Private William Smith

Gail Farrington Private Alexander McDonald

Frederick Farrington Private Frederick Knox

David Feez Lieutenant Colonel Percy Ricardo

Colin Fenwick Sergeant Francis Macnish

Cyril Fenwick Trooper George Fenwick

Pearl Fenwick Sergeant Francis Macnish

Alan Fergurson Private Samuel Shearer

Colin Ferguson Trooper Robert Latham

Jasmine Ferguson Private Stanley Dare

Mark Ferguson Private Stanley Dare

Margaret Ferrier Corporal Bertram Merrillees

Diana Fetz Private Arthur Spence

Dianne Feutrill Trooper Harry Jordan

Ann Fieldhouse Chaplain John Boardman

Gordon Finlay Lieutenant Gilbert Ramsay

Clement Field Trooper Walter Field

Joanne Fielding Trooper Frederick Druitt

Marie Filmer Sergeant Charles Parker VC

David Finlayson Sergeant John Finlayson

Harry Raymond Firns Lieutenant Thomas Firns

Connie Fish Trooper Sidney George

Karen Fisher Gunner Joseph Carr

Linda Fisher Lance Corporal Louis Aeschlimann

Neil Fisher Private Cecil Fisher

Stephen Fitz Trooper John Fitz

Richard Fitzgerald Trooper Richard Jack

Raymond Fitzgerald Trooper Richard Jack

Beverley Fitzpatrick Trooper Australian Jensen

Elizabeth Flaherty Trooper Oswald French

Sue Flannery Lieutenant Robert Scobie

Rae Flatters Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Betty Flowers Sergeant Vincent Newell

Rhonda Flowers Sergeant (Shoeing-Smith) Christopher Moran

Arthur Fogarty Trooper Thomas Fogarty

Arthur Fogarty Trooper William Fogarty

Damian Fogarty Trooper Thomas Fogarty

Damian Fogarty Trooper William Fogarty

William Fogarty Trooper Thomas Fogarty

William Fogarty Trooper William Fogarty

Alan Fogg Sergeant Herbert Fogg

George Foran Trooper George Foran

Phyllis Forbes Trooper James D Ryan

Wynnette Ford Trooper Beecher Espie

Wynnette Ford Private Daniel Espie

Betty Forsyth Trooper Francis Olorenshaw

Martin Forsyth Trooper Francis Olorenshaw

Carla Fox Private William Long

David Fox Corporal James (known as Peter) Fox

John Fox Major Frederick Howland

Rolphe Fox Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Parrott

Stuart McLean-Forrand Major Archibald McLean

Dorothy Forrester Trooper John Ford

Yvonne Foster Sergeant Dudley Oldham

Yvonne Fowler Lancer Bombardier John Hibbard

Christine Frahm Trooper Ninian Walker

Rob Francis Lieutenant Charles Hannam

Barbara Fraser Corporal Sydney Hicks

Valerie Frappell Sister Eliza Hoadley

Christine Frater Sister Penelope Frater

David Fredericks Trooper John Fredericks

David Fredericks Lance Corporal Hector Shelley

Robert Freebairn Trooper Robert Freebairn

Ann Freeman Trooper Frederick Avard

Wayne Freeman Private Frank Dysaski

Francis Freitas Private Francis Freitas

Loretta Frino Trooper Cecil Vidler

George Fry Trooper George Fry

Graham Fry Trooper George Fry

Robert Fry Trooper George Fry

Glen Fryar Trooper Percival Bowen

Dulcie Fuss Trooper John Silcock

David Furniss Trooper George Fry

Gordon Fulton Trooper Thomas Fulton

Michael Fyfe Private James Fyfe


Katrina Gabriel Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Luke Gabriel Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Neville Gaby Sergeant Reginald Gaby

Michael Gallagher Trooper Albert Slade

Leo Galligan Corporal William Potts

Luke Galligan Private John Galligan

Veronica Galligan Corporal William Potts

Moraine Garcia Trooper George Steele

Dorothy Gardner Lieutenant John McEachran

Paricia Gardner Private Frank Baulch

Richard Gardner Private William McIntyre

Wayne Garrard Trooper Richard Garrard

Frank Gatliff Corporal Henry Gatliff

David Gay Sergeant Henry Gay

Lawrence Gay Sergeant Henry Gay

Frederick Gebbett Private John Hilder

Denis George Trooper Sidney George

Michael George Trooper Sidney George

Phyllis Gerhardt Private William Cox

Alister Gehrmann Captain Charles Gehrmann

Hugh Gehrmann Captain Charles Gehrmann

Richard Gehrmann Captain Charles Gehrmann

Rolf Gehrmann Captain Charles Gehrmann

Margaret Gemmill Trooper Joseph McDowell

Yvonne Geyer Private George Aiston

Joy Giamboi Corporal Charles Attrill

Stanley Gibbs Corporal Frank Gibbs

Major Laurence Gibson RFD (Rtd) Trooper Frederick Gibson

Major Laurence Gibson RFD (Rtd) Trooper George Gibson

Noel Gibson Trooper George Graham

Brian Giersch Lance Corporal Edmund Butler

Marjorie Gilbert Lieutenant Lachlan Caskey

Maree Gilday Trooper Edgar Howard

Margaret Gilfillan Sergeant Joseph Porter

Margaret Gill Trooper Arthur Duprez

Rodney Gillespie Captain John Gillespie

Susan Gillespie Corporal Edward Hogan

David Gilshenen Corporal Patrick Gilshenen

Michael Gilshenen Corporal Patrick Gilshenen

Steven Gilshenen Corporal Patrick Gilshenen

John Gittoes Trooper Thomas Ashford

Susan Glasfurd Captain Duncan Glasfurd

Janine Glen Lieutenant Allan King

Bob Gooch Sergeant Walter Harkness

Benjamin Golden Private Thomas Golden

Robert Gooch Trooper Frederick Gooch

Jack Goodall Sergeant George Goodall

Stanley Goodall Sister Rose Shappere

Ebony Goodear Trooper Albert Slade

Katie Goodear Trooper Albert Slade

Suzanne Goodear Trooper Albert Slade

William Goodes Trooper James Goodes

Deborah Goodwin Gunner Henry Johnson

Donna Goodwin Trooper Herbert Goodes

Laraine Goodworth Trooper Henry Green

Laraine Goodworth Trooper John McKenzie

Carole Goodyer Sergeant Charles Hodgson

Allanah Gordon Sergeant Robert Colbourne

Allanah Gordon Lance Corporal William Colbourne

Dougal Gordon Sergeant Robert Colbourne

Dougal Gordon Lance Corporal William Colbourne

Henry Gordon Sergeant Robert Colbourne

Henry Gordon Lance Corporal William Colbourne

Ian Gordon Corporal Thomas Burrows

Brian Gorton Sergeant Gaston Gumprich

Terrence Gorton Sergeant Gaston Gumprich

Carol Goslin Private William Lilley

David Goslin Private William Lilley

Michelle Goslin Private William Lilley

Nathan Goslin Private William Lilley

Leigh Goucher Sergeant Major Thomas Goucher

Greg Goucher Sergeant Major Thomas Goucher

Estelle Gould Trooper Walter Pope

James Arthur Gowers Lance Corporal Herbert Buriatte

Shirley Graf Private Benjamin Rudhall

John Graham Lance Corporal Hubert Reynolds

John Graham Lance Sergeant John Smith

Lynn Graham Private William Woodroffe

Elaine Grimley Trooper William Geer

Ashleigh Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Cameron Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

David Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Joshua Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Lachlan Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Mark Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Rhonda Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Ryan Grainger Trooper Charles Jennings

Jacquelene Green Trooper Robert Saunders

Ray Green Trooper George Bowman

Raymond Green Trooper Charles Jennings

Timna Green Private Benjamin Rudhall

Joyce Greenaway Trooper Ashley Whitney

Colin Greensill Private Thomas Gordon

Colin Greensill Private William Gordon

Richard Greentree Corporal Septimus Greentree

Belinda Gramza Sergeant Frederick Beckhaus

Judy Graham Corporal Frederick Moore

Edwin Grant Gunner Thomas Irwin

Jennifer Gray Lance Corporal Mavon May

William Grey Private William Grey

Dennis Gribble Corporal Benjamin Gribble

Michael Gribble Corporal Benjamin Gribble

Robert Gribble Corporal Benjamin Gribble

Hamish Grieve Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Nicola Grieve Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Anthony Griffen Sergeant Major George Griffen

David Griffen Sergeant Major George Griffen

Elaine Grimley Lieutenant Frank Knyvett

Richard Grimmond Private John Grimmond

Stephen Grimmond Private John Grimmond

Ian Grimwood Private Walter Button

Joyce Gruetzner Corporal Franklin Willmette

Joyce Gruetzner Trooper Fulton Willmette

Ian Grundy Trooper Sydney Grundy

Robyn Grundy Trooper Charles Cawthorn

Bob Guest Trooper Cecil Guest

Bob Guest Sergeant Percy Guest

Ian Gully Trooper Harold Gully


Alan Habgood Private Oliver Fry

Barbara Habgood Trooper William McLeod

Jean Hackett Private John Moyle

Arthur Hadden Private Oliver Hadden

Robert Hagerty Lieutenant Edwin Leane

Daryl Haile Trooper Osborne Chilcott

Helen Haines Private William Smith

Vincent Haire Trooper Henry Hardy

Amanda Hall Lance Corporal Mavon May

Millicent Hall Lance Corporal Mavon May

Lyndall Hall Private Uglow Batchelor

Timothy Hallam Major John Cameron

Patricia Haley Private William Devitt

Olive Hally Shoeing-Smith Herbert Job

Robert Hally Corporal Thomas Hally

Barbara Ham Lieutenant James Loynes

Annette Hamilton Private Herbert Andrews

Steven Hamilton Sergeant Francis Hamilton

Jill Hampson Corporal Thomas Burrows

Darren Hanley Sergeant Thomas Hanley

John Hanley Sergeant Thomas Hanley

Sonja Hansen Sergeant John Green

Lindsay Harden Sergeant Alexander Brodie

John Hardy Sergeant Norman Hardy

George Hare Private George Hare

Lorene Hare Trooper George Mitchell

Lorene Hare Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Robyn Harriott Trooper Frederick Taylor

Robyn Harriott Sergeant Herbert Taylor

Jennifer Harris Trooper William Sly

John Harris Driver Herbert Harris

Dr Kirsty Harris Lieutenant Geoffrey Harris

Brian Harrison Corporal Albert Harrison

William Harrison Private Llewellyn Rogers

Jeffery Harrison Trooper Harry Dormer

Frederick Harrison-Williams Private Joseph Harrison

Grodon Harrison-Williams Private Joseph Harrison

Robert Harrison-Williams Private Joseph Harrison

Ronald Harrison-Williams Private Joseph Harrison

Sharyn Harrison-Williams Private Joseph Harrison

Kylie Hart Sergeant Alfred Morrison

Glen Hartley Trooper Harry Hadley

Glen Hartley Corporal Thomas Young

John Hartman Trooper Herbert Dodds

Christoper Harvey Trooper Thomas Borlase

Judy Harvey Private James Anderson

Ashley Harvie Corporal Philip Jones

Helen Harvie Sergeant Arthur Coulter

Kim-Sheree Haschek Trooper Charles Jennings

Andrew Hawkes Lance Corporal Louis Aeschlimann

Charles Hawkes Lance Corporal Louis Aeschlimann

John Hawkey Sergeant John Hawkey

Megan Hay Lance Sergeant John Smith

Beverley Hayes Sergeant Henry Prosser

Martyn Hayes Corporal John Brooks

Roger Hayes Trooper Walter Bower

Dr James Hayes Trooper Michael Hayes

Valerie Hayes Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes

Ian Haylen JP Sergeant James Green

I Hayman Lieutenant Colonel James Macarthur-Onslow

Helen Haynes Captain Arthur Baker

Helen Haynes Trooper Andrew Thompson

Colonel John Haynes OAM Private Malcom Stewart

Peter Hazelwood Trooper James Williams

Janet Healy Trooper Charles Callaghan

Robyn Healy Private Patrick Healy

Donald Heap Private Albert Heap

Alan Heasman Second Lieutenant Dugald Drummond DCM

Elizabeth Heath Private George Williams

Robyn Heather Private George Boulton

Ian Heatley Private Charles Sawyers

Paul Heckley Private Walter Heckley

Beryl Heffernan Trooper Herbert Goodes

Grant Heffernan Trooper Herbert Goodes

Reg Hefferan Private Robertson Heffernan

Reg Hefferan Private Atholstan Stark

Ken Heiniger Corporal James Lloyd

Richard Helm Private Charles S Adams

Anthony Hemphill Private Harry Hemphill

Gwynneth Henderson Trooper Clive Colles

Lesley Henderson Private James Shreeve

Jack Henry Private Belton Halley

Margaret Henskens Private Alexander Russell

Alan Herbst Trooper Wylie Nation

Judith Higson Trooper John Chanter

Christopher Hilder Corporal William Hilder

Jeff Hilder Warrant Officer Harry Paten

Raymond Hilder Corporal William Hilder

Beenice Hill Trooper James Blunden

Curtis Hill Private George Ingarfield

Dorothy Hill Private John Arnold

Fay Hill Private Belton Halley

Lorraine Hill Sergeant Arthur Ryan

John Hill Trooper Joseph Mulhall

John Hill Sergeant David Mulhall

Warwick Hill Private George Ingarfield

Elizabeth Hillberg Private Alfred Sawdy

John Hills Private Edmund Geary

John Hills Trooper James Woods

John Hills Trooper Patrick Woods

Suzanne Himmelreich Corporal Richard Storey

Nielsen Hinchley Corporal William Smith

Adele Hirst Trooper George Fry

Michael Hobbs Gunner Frederick Menah

Stephen Hobbs Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Patricia Hobbs Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Paul Hobbs Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Wendy Hobden Trooper John Sheffield

Eliza Hoddinott Lieutenant George Witton

Nicola Hoddinott Lieutenant George Witton

Scott Hoddinott Lieutenant George Witton

Marie Hodgkinson Warrant Officer James Mitchell

William Hodgkinson Privare Frederick Harth

William Hodgkinson Sergeant William Hodgkinson

John Hodgson Sergeant Charles Hodgson

John Hodgson Trooper Harold Hodgson

Chris Hogan Trooper John Hanna

Chris Hogan Trooper William Hanna

Helen Hogan Corporal John Davidson

Mark Hogan Trooper George Hogan

Janette Hollebone Trooper John Lumley

Colin Hollow Sergeant Edwin Bawden

Collen Hollway Trooper John Everett

Diana Hollway Lieutenant Allan King

Bruce Holmes Captain Arthur Holmes

Janet Holmes Sergeant Alfred Davison

Harriett Holthouse Private Frederick Bartlett

Sadie Holthouse Private Frederick Bartlett

Geoffrey Honan Private Edward Honan

Denise Hope Trooper Osborne Chilcott

M Hopkins Private William Fallon

M Hopkins Trooper Edward White

Stephen Hopkins Private William Fallon

Harold Hopkinson Trooper Leslie Hopkinson

Samuel Hopper Private Arthur Gray

Pamela Hore Sergeant Charles Patterson

Pamela Hore Corporal Eugene Patterson

Pamela Hore Major William Patterson

Thelma Horne Private John Martin

John Horgan Trooper John Horgan

Myrtle Horne Private Reginald Hasthorpe

William Horne Sergeant Frederick Tyrrell

Alan Hornsby Private Arthur Hornsby

Alexandra Hovey Trooper Walter Ray

Helen Hovey Trooper Walter Ray

Nicholas Hovey Trooper Walter Ray

Thomas Hovey Trooper Walter Ray

Catherine Howard Private John Evans

Garth Howard Trooper Henry Howard

Ronald Howard Trooper Edgar Howard

Lindy Howarth Trooper Jerimiah Wilkes

Robert HowellTrooper Arthur Kerr

John Howells Gunner Edwin Hession

Rosemary Howells Private Oliver Fry

Jon Howse Major Neville Howse VC

Daphne Hudson Trooper Charles Murphy

Christine Hughes Trooper Hugh Corpe

Owen Hughes Private Frederick Bartlett

Sally Anne Hughes Private Frederick Bartlett

Jamie William Hughes Private Frederick Bartlett

Bruce Hull Private Charles Hull

Douglas Humphries Private Thomas Wood

Rodsney Hunt-Sharp Private Charles Sharp

Pam Huggins Trooper Frederick Avard

Albert Hughes Corporal Hugh Hughes

Donald Humphrey Trooper Harry Stephenson

Richard Hunt Trooper Arthur Hunt

Ulric Hunt Trooper Algernon Hunt

Douglas Humphries Corporal William Wood

Barry Humphris Trooper Wengel Grenenger

Eileen Hundy Private Benjamin Scard

Eileen Hundy Trooper Jasper Scard

Ethel Hughes Private Frederick Bartlett

Margaret Hughes Sergeant Robert Berry

Richard Hurford Gunner Alfred Hurford

Patrick Hurley Sergeant Major Thomas Hurley

Ian Hyde Trooper James Shields


James Innes Private George Seymour

Judy Ireland Trooper Samuel McDowell

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Irwin Staff Sergeant George Rauchle

Julie Izzard Private Arthur Spreadbury


Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Jackson Corporal Walter King

Annette Jackson Private George Provan

Brian Jack Trooper Richard Jack

Charlie Jackson Corporal Walter King

Christene Jackson Private Stanley Dare

David Jackson Corporal Walter King

Felicity Jackson Corporal Walter King

Frank Jackson Private Harry Jackson

Graeme Jackson Corporal Walter King

Helen Jackson Private John Jackson

Samuel Jackson Corporal Walter King

Lorraine Jacobson Lieutenant George Witton

Jacqualine Jacobsen Corporal Arthur Jacobsen

Kerry Jaggers Lance Corporal Hector Shelley

Anthony James Sergeant Albert James

Beth James-Wallace Private Francis Wallace

Kyle James Sergeant William Burgess

Michelle James Sergeant William Burgess

Patricia James Corporal James McCrossin

Ryan James Sergeant William Burgess

Patricia JamesTrooper John McCrossin

Kelvin Jeffery Sergeant George Jeffery

Nicole Jenkins Trooper George Bayliss

Pamela Jehan Trooper Francis Ward

Andrew Jennings Trooper Charles Jennings

Stephen Jennings Trooper Charles Jennings

Jeffrey Jennings Trooper Charles Jennings

Ralph Jennings Trooper Charles Jennings

Thomas Jennings Lance Corporal James Jennings

Jennifer Jensen Private Erich Peters

Mary Jensen Trooper Frederick Cullen

Derele Job Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Monique Job Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Arthur Johnson Sergeant William Johnson

Lorrae Johnson Private Thomas Flint

Wendy Johnson Private Arthur Spreadbury

Catherine Johnston Trooper Frederick Avard

Pamela Johnston Private William Cox

Stephanie Johnston Trooper Frederick Avard

Robyn Johnson Private James Coupe

Jarrod Johnson-Smith Trooper William Newham

Alice Jones Trooper Albert Slade

Brent Jones Trooper Charles Mason

Janet Jones Private Thomas Bailey

John Jones Corporal John Jones

Mavis Jones Trooper Edwin Trounson

Paul Jones Sergeant Maurice Witts

Terrence Jones Private James Kennedy

Trevor Jones Sergeant Major Otto Schumann

Aileen Jopling Private John Dobe

Dinah Jopson Corporal Stephen Hevey

David Jordan Private Richard Browning

Christopher Joseland Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

John Joseland Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

William Josephs Trooper Francis Joseph

Phillip Joson Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Beverley Joyce Trooper Thomas Ashford

Michele Judge Trooper William Hoye

Leslie Jurd Trooper William Henshaw

Lucinda Jurd Trooper William Henshaw

Melanie Jurd Trooper William Henshaw


Gary Kalem Lance Corporal Bright Anderson

Steven Kasper Private Charles Kasper

L Kemp Sergeant Joseph Anscombe

Peter Kemp Trooper James Ryan

Dianne Kennedy Lance Corporal George Kennedy

Glen Kennedy Private Frederick Ford

Mat Kennedy Private Frederick Ford

Oscar Kennedy Private Frederick Ford

Victoria Kennedy Private Alexander Little

Colette Kennough Corporal John Jones

Marilyn Kenny Corporal Morgan Kenny

Maurice Kensell Private Samuel Kensell

Peter Kerr-Laslett Lieutenant Harrie Davies

Margaret Kilpatrick Private John Hall

Beverley King Corporal Walter King

Brian King Private Jacob King

Geoffrey King Trooper John

Geoffrey Kerton Trooper James Kerton

Gordon King Sergeant Arthur King

Michael King Trooper Charles Saunders

Patrick King Corporal Walter King

Peter King Private George King

Rana King Lieutenant Allan King

Robert King Lieutenant Allan King

Scott King Corporal Walter King

Sean King Corporal Walter King

Susan King Lieutenant Allan King

Zena King Trooper Arthur McManis

Joanna Kirby Warrant Officer George Clark

Gregory Kirk Trooper Linden Teague

Maurice Kissane Private Richard Palmer

Margaret Klaassen Private Samuel Howe

Michael Kokkinn Private Charles Kokkinn

Lenore Knuckey-Jefferies Sergeant Richard Benson

Jan Koperberg Trooper Reginald Lee

Nigel Krauth Private Robert Krauth

Victor Krauth Private Robert Krauth

Matthew Kristaly Trooper Herbert Goodes

Anne Krone Trooper Robert Bradshaw

Jennifer Kruger Trooper Robert Luxton


Wendy Laing Lieutenant John McFarlane

Glen Lambert Arthur Montague

Peter Lamprey Private Charles Lamprey

Ronald Lancaster Trooper Aubrey Lancaster

Robert Langsford Trooper William Langsford

John Lane Gunner John Lane

Robert Lane Trooper Richard Lane

Pamela Langridge Trooper George Fry

Adele Laird re Private David Lilley

Adele Laird re Private William Lilley

Craig Laird re Private David Lilley

Craig Laird re Private William Lilley

James Landers Lieutenant Jarlath Duffy

Suzanne Landers Lieutenant Jarlath Duffy

Dorne Landon Lieutenant Peter Handcock

Margaret Lane Trooper George Linfoot

Pamela Langham Trooper Hugh Ross

Marie Larnach Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Wendy Lathey Trooper Arthur Huskisson

Susan Laundy Trooper Arthur Wilson

Gail Laverick Trooper John Sheffield

Zoe Laverick-Reeve Trooper John Sheffield

Lynne Lavers Corporal Cecil Holmwood

Elaine Lawrence Private Thomas Bendall

Gregory Lawrence Major Charles Reade CB, MID

Linda Lawson Private Benjamin Rudhall

Albert Lawton Lance Corporal John Lawton

John Leach Sergeant Vincent Newell

Carmel Leahy Private John Evans

Brian Learoyd Sergeant William Learoyd

Harry Learoyd Sergeant William Learoyd

Terri Leckey Private John Cavanagh

Bruce Lee Trooper Raleigh Davidson

David Lee Private Ernest Fielding

Matthew Lee Sergeant Maurice Lee

Neil Lee Gunner John White

Terence Lee Corporal Edgar Lee

Delma Leggatt Trooper Frederick Sheppard

George Legge Private Charles Legge

George Legge Corporal Franklin Legge

George Legge Lieutenant George Legge

George Legge Private Henry Legge

George Legge Captain James Legge

George Legge Corporal Walter Legge

Nance Le Merle Trooper Conrad Taylor

Annabelle Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Bede Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Emma Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

James Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

John Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Justin Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Michael Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Paul Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Peter Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Peter Lenehan Sergeant Vincent Newell

Robert Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Robert DE Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Sarah Lenehan Major Robert Lenehan

Sharon Leppard Private John Turner

Margaret Leslie Private Thomas Leslie

Shirley Lette Private Louis Lette

John Levett Trooper Robert Levett

Lynette Lewis Corporal Robert Streatfield

Margaret Lewis Sergeant Henry Prosser

Sandy Liddle Private William Colville

Dale Liepins Private John Semple

Michael Lightfoot Corporal Henry Burne

Alan Lilley re Private David Lilley

Alan Lilley re Private William Lilley

Victor Lilley re Private David Lilley

Victor Lilley re Private William Lilley

Angela Lind Private Alexander Barber

Angela Lind Private Charles Barber

Angela Lind Lance Corporal (Lieutenant?) Cuthbert Fetherstonhaugh

Angela Lind Private Reginald Johnston

Angela Lind Captain Sidney Nicholson

Angela Lind Private Tom Nicholson

Eleanor Lindsay Private Frank Halsall

Violet Lindsay Corporal John Jones

Harold Linfoot Trooper George Linfoot

Ken Linfoot Trooper George Linfoot

Gregory Lipple Trooper Frederick Druitt

Verna Little Sergeant Eustace Whiddon

Judith Livingston Private Henry Wilson

Stanley Livingstone Captain Thomas Lynch

Allan Linron Privare Thomas Kerwin

Anne Lipple Trooper Frederick Druitt

David Lloyd Trooper Hobart Cato

Marion Logan Gunner George Butt

Robert Long Trooper Richard Jack

Sue Long Private William Smith

Rachel Loosemore Lieutenant James Tolson

Sue Lopes Private William Linton

Graeme Loughton Sergeant Herbert Loughton

Julie Love Private Joseph Harrison

Patricia Lovegrove Corporal Archibald Elliot

Christopher Lovelock Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Digby Lowndes Corporal Sydney Hicks

Noel Luff Trooper William Luff

Mary Lusby Major Alfred Perkins

Donald Luscombe Trooper John Luscombe

Alan Lush Private Alan Lush

John Lush Trooper George Lush

Katrina Lynch Sergeant Charles Parker VC

Gregory Lynch Trooper Herbert Goodes

Paul Lynch Trooper Herbert Goodes

Zeta Lynch Lance Corporal Hubert Reynolds

Shirley Linnell Private Alfred Button

Dorothea Lysaght Trooper Thomas Marsh

Kay Lyons Sergeant William Lyons

Kevin Lyons Sergeant William Lyons


Barbara Macaulay Private Babington Macaulay

Sandy Macfie Private Herbert Carpendale

Donald Craig MacIntosh Corporal Neil MacIntosh

Alison MacKay Trooper Hugh Corpe

Caroline Mackay Commandant George Ross

Edwina Mackay Commandant George Ross

James Mackay Commandant George Ross

Heather Mackenzie Sergeant Joseph Gawith

Heather Mackenzie Shoeing Smith John Livingston

Alan Maclean Lieutenant James Maclean

Iona Macnab Private John Hughes

Sheldon Maher Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Robert Mahoney Private Thomas Cumner

Pamela Major Sergeant Alfred Bray

Lynn Maly Corporal John Brooks

Neil Mangels Private George Douglas

Margaret Mann Trooper Benjamin Mann

Phillip Mann Trooper Benjamin Mann

Warren Mann Trooper Benjamin Mann

Aileen Mansfield Trooper Frederick Avard

Mark Mansfield Sergeant Robert Mansfield

Elizabeth Manuel Corporal George Allingham

Suzanne Marks Lieutenant John Hodgins

Fiona Marmara Trooper Herbert Goodes

Janine Marsh Trooper Dominic Trim

Sandra Marsh Private Leslie Marsh

Alex Marshall Lieutenant George Witton

Annabel Marshall Lieutenant George Witton

Brian Marshall Private Arthur Woods

Brian Marshall Shoeing Smith Samuel Woods

Denise Marr Trooper Sydney Brown

Malcolm Marsden Private Frederick Marsden

Denise Martin Trooper Thomas Martin

John Martin Colonel Sydenham Smith

Maurice Maskell Corporal George Huckstepp

Larraine Mason Trooper John Sheffield

Alexander Matheson Trooper Bertram Stevens

Ian Matheson Lance Corporal Victor Newland

Susan Mathews Major Robert Lenehan

Edith Matthews Trooper William Swan

Robert Matthews Trooper Ira Cooke

Casey Matzke Sergeant Arthur Oxford

Jill Matzke Sergeant Arthur Oxford

Joanna Matzke Sergeant Arthur Oxford

Steve Matzke Sergeant Arthur Oxford

David Mavor Private George Provan

Declan Mavor Private George Provan

Ian Mavor Private George Provan

Kenneth Mavor Private George Provan

Ruby Mavor Private George Provan

Shirley Mavor Private George Provan

Louise Maricinkowski Sergeant Hector Cox

Mark Maryska Trooper Dominic Trim

Robyn Maryska Trooper Dominic Trim

James Mason Colour Sergeant Albert Cooke-Russell

Edna Mason Private Frederick Dance

Kenneth May Trooper Tasker May

Ronald May Trooper Tasker May

Jane Message Warrant Officer George Clark

Cheryl Massey Trooper Martin Luther

Lynette Mawson Colour Sergeant Albert Cooke-Russell

Andrew May Trooper Bruce May

John May Private James May

Bradley Maynard Corporal John Maynard

James Mayson Corporal Mark Scholes

Nea MacCulloch Gunner Frederick McWilliams

Paula McAdam Private William Wells

Betty McAlister Trooper John Henry

Jeanette McAndrew Sergeant Arthur Coulter

Dianne McBryde Major Charles Reade CB, MID

Stefanie McBurney Trooper James McBurney

Tanya McBurney Trooper James McBurney

Peter McCance Private John McCance

Phillis McCann Trooper Sidney George

Aymerel McCarthy Trooper Reginald Newman

Leanne McCarthy Trooper Frederick Avard

Vicki McCahon Private David Lilley

Vicki McCahon Private William Lilley

Boyd McCurdy Trooper James Hamilton

Angus MacLeod Trooper Frederick Druitt

Meredith MacLeod Trooper Frederick Druitt

Rosemary MacLeod Trooper Frederick Druitt

Ann McClintock Private James McClintock

Raymond McClure Lance Sergeant John Smith

Jonathan McConkey Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Maureen McDermott Trooper Thomas McLernon

Athol McDonald Sergeant William Murdoch

Betty McDonald Private Edward McCabe

John McDonald Corporal Stephen McFarlane

Sandra McDonald Sergeant Charles White

Suzanne McDonald Corporal William Hilder

Angus McDowell Lieutenant Thomas Glasgow

Deborah McDowall Lieutenant Thomas Glasgow

Geoff McDowell Private Peter McDonnell

Brett McElwaine Trooper Thomas McElwaine

John McElwaine Trooper Thomas McElwaine

Mark McElwaine Trooper Thomas McElwaine

Ronald McElwaine Trooper Thomas McElwaine

Tim McElwaine Trooper Thomas McElwaine

Robyn McEwen Sergeant Caleb Vacchini

Ian McFarlane Private John McFarlane

Lester McFadzen Private Fergus McFadzen

Andrew McGeoch Private William Angell

Dean McGeoch Private William Angell

Gordon McGeoch Private William Angell

Laurel McGeoch Private William Angell

Darryl McGibbony Trooper William McGibbony

Bernard McGurgan Corporal James McGurgan

David McIlveen Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Michael McIlwraith Saddler Joseph McNamara

Katherine McInnes Sergeant Robert Baldry

Alice McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Angus McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Ann McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Dwayne McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Clifton McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Irene McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Murray McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Ross McInnes Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Alexander McIntyre Trooper Alexander McIntyre

Beverley McIntyre Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Geoff McIntyre Trooper Herbert Goodes

Heather McIntyre Trooper James Goodes

Helen McIntyre Lance Corporal Donald McIntyre

Joel McIntyre Trooper James Goodes

Judith McIntyre Corporal Ewen Cameron

Kristopher McIntyre Trooper James Goodes

Neil McIntyre Trooper James Goodes

David McIntyre Trooper Herbert Goodes

Keith McIntyre Trooper Herbert Goodes

Keith McIntyre Trooper James Goodes

Lorraine McIntyre Private William Buchester

Margaret McIntyre Trooper Herbert Goodes

Malcolm Mckay Sergeant Arthur Oxford

Daphne McKeever Trooper Harry Dormer

Mark McKenna Trooper Horace White

Valda McKenzie Lance Corporal Herbert Cooke

Roz McKowen Trooper Frederick Druitt

Hugh McLachlan Lieutenant Thomas Glasgow

John Mclean Trooper Barclay Mclean

Madelene McClelland Private Martin Allen

Audrey McLeod Sergeant Walter Armstrong

Lynette McLeod Trooper Louis Simpson

Beverley McLernon Trooper Thomas McLernon

John McClure Lance Sergeant John Smith

Kathleen McClure Lance Sergeant John Smith

Terrence McMahon Sergeant Terance McMahon

Alex McNaughton Private Arthur Gray

Ashleigh McRae Corporal John Jones

Lachlan McRae Corporal John Jones

Michae McRae Corporal John Jones

Susan McRae Corporal John Jones

Adele McWhinney Private Clarence Roberts

Erna Mead Sergeant Major William Tackaberry

Judith Meacham Private Herbert Andrews

Kerry Meagher Sergeant Samuel King

Thomas Meany Trooper Samuel Lawer

Carmel Meddemmen Trooper Charles Murphy

Colin Menger Charles Menger

Howard Meppem Trooper Raymond George

Judith Meppem Trooper Raymond George

Morris Meppem Trooper Raymond George

Tracey Mercer Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Mary Metcalfe Private Alexander Cunningham

Christopher Mews Lieutenant Frederick Bell

Yvonne Meyer Lance Corporal Edgar Thomas

Russell Middleton Trooper Archibald Middleton

Peter Miles Trooper Richard Miles

Diane Miller Sergeant John Cameron

Margaret Miller Private Donald Hutton

Robert Millman Sergeant Frederick Brewster

Robyn Mills Trooper Frederick Avard

Rod Milton Private James Ridgeley

Eileen Mitchell Private Maurice Mitchell

John Mitchell Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Kenneth Mitchell Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Martyn Mitchell Trooper George Mitchell

Martyn Mitchell Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Maurice Mitchell Private Maurice Mitchell

Mwyn Mitchell Trooper Clarence Dwerryhouse

Kay Mitchell Trooper Charles Stevenson

Trevor Mitchell Private Charles Mitchell

Stewart Mitchell Lance Corporal August Maier

Margaret Mitchelson Private Alfred Cuttriss

Pearl Moffatt Colour Sergeant Robert Fraser

John Moffart Trooper Arthur Hunt

Jennifer Molesworth Trooper Charles Jennings

Wendy Moline Trooper Harry Griffiths

Adrian Molloy Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Amelia faith Molloy Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Tom Molloy Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Colonel William Molloy RFD ED CLJ Second Lieutenant Laurence Molloy

Dianne Morton Major Charles Lydiard

Dianne Morton Captain Harold McIntosh

Raymond Thomas Morgan Private Francis Morgan

Nigel Moth Trooper Samuel Moth

Ian Moody Trooper Edgar Simpson

Eileen Moore Corporal William Greig

Katrina Moore Private Archibald McPherson

Kerrel Moor Private Percival Grant

Patricia Moore (Rank Unknown) Frank Moore

Peter Moore Private Patrick Moore

Catherine Mordaunt Trooper Albert Slade

Heath Mordaunt Trooper Albert Slade

Leah Mordaunt Trooper Albert Slade

Bertha Morgan Trooper Australian Jensen

Jocelyn Morgan Private John Martin

Ryan Morgan Lance Corporal Walter Morgan

Maxwell Morling Corporal John Doughney

Joan Morrell Trooper Samuel Berry

John Morrell Trooper Samuel Berry

Jean Morris Trooper Frederick Cullen

Sameul Morris Trooper Frederick Cullen

Stephine Morris Trooper Frederick Cullen

Fiona Morris Trooper Thomas Morris

Anne Morrisson Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes

Phil Morrisson Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes

Walter Morrison Corporal John Jones

Beryl Morton Lieutenant George Witton

Ronald Morrison Sergeant Henry Morrison

Peter Morrow Private Thomas Morrow

Paula Mortimer Trooper Thomas Barrett

Colleen Moscatelli Lance Corporal Hubert Reynolds

Colleen Moscatelly Lance Sergeant John Smith

Fiona Moscatelli Lance Corporal Hubert Reynolds

Eleanor Moses Trooper George Hartnett

Pamela Mountfort Sergeant William Learoyd

Travis Mordaunt Trooper Albert Slade

John Mortimer Trooper George Mortimer

Adam Muckalt Private Frank Tanner

Jennifer Mulder Trumpeter Allen Worthington

Douglas Munro Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Suzanne Munro Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Garry Murdoch Trooper Charles Hewertson

Alan Murphy Trooper Ernest Murphy

Alan Murphy Lance Corporal Francis Murphy

Alan Murphy Shoeing-Smith John Murphy

Annette Murphy Trooper John Toovey

Leon Murphy Trooper James Sheehan

Stella Murphy Private William Kimmins

Malcolm Murray Private Arthur Murray

David Murray Private Cecil Murray

Megan Murray Captain Alfred Bessell-Browne

Megan Murray Trooper Harold Arnold

Megan Murray Corporal Herman Arnold

Noreen Murray Sergeant Joseph Vardy

Patricia Murray Lieutenant George Witton

Bruce Murrell Private David Lilley

Bruce Murrell Private William Lilley

Glenda Murrell Private David Lilley

Glenda Murrell Private William Lilley

John Murtagh Trooper Alexander Murtagh

Barbara Mutthard Trooper Thomas Martin

Cameron Mutton Private David Lilley

Cameron Mutton Private William Lilley

Jeanette Mutton Private David Lilley

Jeanette Mutton Private William Lilley

Kaycee Mutton Private David Lilley

Kaycee Mutton Private William Lilley


Andrew Nancarrow Trooper Dominic Trim

Anne Nancarrow Trooper Dominic Trim

Thomas Nash Sergeant Frederick Beckhaus

Wendy Nattestad Private Francis Caughey

Wendy Nattestad Private Frederick Caughey

Jane Natty Major Robert Lenehan

Samuel Natty Major Robert Lenehan

Timothy Natty Major Robert Lenehan

Marilyn Nawrath Sergeant Hamilton Yaldwyn

Michael Neary Trooper John Neary

John Neenan Sergeant John Neenan

Don Neil Private Ernest Smith

Gordon Neil Private Archibald Gordon

Vivieene Neil Private Archibald Gordon

Dwayne Nielsen Shoeing Smith Peter Nielson

Michelle Neil Private Arthur Smith

Don Neil Private Arthur Smith

Lynn Nielsen Trooper Francis Russell

Nancy Neighbour Trooper Herbert Goodes

William Newman Private Abel Newman

Christopher Newsome Bombardier Edward McElwee

Colin Neylan Private George Duel

William Niven Private John Christion

Susan Norman Captain Harold Carstairs

Susan Norman Captain Charles Lee

Geoffrey Norris Lieutenant Charles Norris

Geoffrey Norris Corporal Samuel Norris

Alan North Major William Deacon CB MID

John Norton Lance Corporal Mavon May

Michael Norton Captain Alfred Norton

Margaret Nowland Major Robert Lenehan

Mary-Ann Nowland Major Robert Lenehan

Dorothy Nugent Trooper George Nugent

Karen Nugent Trooper George Nugent


Robin Oates Private John Fisher

Heather O'Brien Trooper William McDonald

Jane O'Brien Private George Downey

Sylvia O'Brien Trooper Walter Honkin

Sylvia O'Brien Private Grahame Rodgers

Vivienne O'Brien Sergeant William Lyons

Lawrence O'Connor Trooper Patrick Burke

Catherine O'Donnell Trooper James Duff

Violet O'Donoghue Second Lieutenant John Binstead

David O'Halloran Corporal Nicholas O'Halloran

Brian O'Halloran Trooper Edward O'Halloran

Marie O'Halloran Sergeant Reginald Gaby

Joan O'Keefe Trooper John O'Loughlin

Colleen O'Leary Private Arhur Furness

Donald Olding Private John Olding

Clint Oliver Sergeant John Crow

Michael Oakes Sergeant Harry Ede

Jennifer Olsen Trooper Thomas Ashford

Catherine O'Meally Sergeant William Murdoch

Benjamin Onions Lieutenant John Bisdee

Brittany Onions Lieutenant John Bisdee

Lachlan Onions Lieutenant John Bisdee

Sarah Onions Lieutenant John Bisdee

Timothy Onions Lieutenant John Bisdee

Brian Openshaw Trooper William Armstrong

Barry Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

George Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

Glen Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

Greg Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

Nicole Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

Renae Ormerod Private Fred Jenkins

Irene Orr Trooper Frederick Sheppard

Marion Orson Gunner William Orson

William Osborne Trooper Frederick Avard

Antony Osman Private Sydney Malin

Felicity Osman Trooper James McBurney

Fiona Osman Trooper James McBurney

Julian Osman Trooper James McBurney

Lyn Osman Trooper James McBurney

Carter O'Sullivan Trooper Frederick Cullen

Charlotte O'Sullivan Trooper Frederick Cullen

Graham O'Sullivan Trooper Frederick Cullen

John O'Sullivan Trooper Frederick Cullen

Margaret O'Sullivan Trooper Frederick Cullen

Anthony Owens Private John Evans

John Owens Private John Evans

Rosemary Owens Private John Evans

Susan Owens-Smith Private John Evans


Louise Packer Trooper Arthur Hunt

Alfred Pagden Private William Pagden

Graham Pagden Private William Pagden

Beatrice Page Corporal Elijah Olive

Glenda Page Lieutenant George Witton

Desmond Pain Lieutenant John Bisdee

Robert Pankhurst Lieutenant Ernest Foster

Valerie Palgrave Private Alfred Johnson

Valerie Palgrave Private Jephthah Jonson

Norm Palazzi Private Joseph Palazzi

Norm Palazzi Sergeant Silvio Palazzi

Andrew Palmer Private Andrew Duncan

Richard Palmer Private Richard Palmer

Sandra Papavasiliou Private George Jewell

Anthony Parbury Lieutenant Frederick Parbury

Rae Parker Trooper Thomas Martin

Karl Parkes Trooper Herbert Keys

Janet Parkinson Private Edgar Bell

Janet Parkinson Lieutenant Frederick Bell

Dael ParryPrivate Albert Butler

Dael Parry Lance Corporal Walter Butler

Patricia Parker Trooper Aubrey Lancaster

Howard Parslow Corporal Edgar Luxmoore

Guy Parsons Sergeant Arthur Edge

Robyn Pasco Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Stephen Pasco Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Francis Pascoe Private George Waterton

Tony Paul Private George Lye

Tony Paul Trooper William Piggott

Ellen Paton Private Daniel Wanless

Cherrilyn Patrick Private Thomas Patrick

Irene Patterson Private Walter Caunt

Andrew Payne Sergeant Frederick Beckhaus

Florence Payne Private George Provan

Geoffrey Payne Trooper Ruben Payne

Karen Payne Sergeant Thomas Donohoe

Kathleen Payne Trooper Edward Glasscock

Patricia Payne Sergeant Frederick Beckhaus

Andrew Peake Sergeant Albert Peake

Gregory Peake Private William Lilley

John Peake Trooper James Robertson

Geraldine Pearce Sergeant Henry Morrison

Stephen Pearce Sergeant Henry Morrison

Robert Peard Trooper Alan Howard

Antony Pecar Trooper George McArthur

Monica Pecar Trooper George McArthur

Patricia Peccia Corporal Thomas McNeill

Joan Pecover Gunner Reginald Dunn

Bruce Peden Private Harold Smith

Ian Peden Private Harold Smith

Bree Peeters Private Henry Brown

Christopher Peeters Private Henry Brown

David Peeters Private Henry Brown

Jack Peeters Private Henry Brown

James Peeters Private Henry Brown

Melissa Peeters Private Henry Brown

Fred Pegler Sergeant Major James McGillray

Valerie Pelgrave Trooper Osborne Chilcott

Kerian Pender Lieutenant John Bisdee

James Penna Lieutenant James Rogers VC

Sharryn Penney Sergeant Charles Tollner

Nigel Penny Trooper Charles Penny

William Perkins Guardsman Robert Perkins

Murray Permain Private Hans Anderson

Leslie Perrett, Trooper Frederick Avard

Elva Perrin Trooper George Mitchell

Elva Perrin Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Ian Peters Sergeant Major Albert Pontin

Rex Peters Sergeant Major Albert Pontin

Greg Petersen Private Charles Sharpe

Helen Phibbs Corporal Alfred Watson

Amanda Phillips Lance Corporal Joseph Gardiner

John Phillips Private Thomas Gauld

Richard Phillips Private Thomas Gauld

Scott Phillips Private Thomas Gauld

Ruth Phoenix Trooper Thomas Morris

Rodney Pickels Trooper Robert Luxton

Matthew Pinch Private John Anderson

Philip Pinch Private John Anderson

Frank Pinder Sergeant Arnold Wienholt

Stephen Pinfield Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Patricia Pinkerton Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Sharni Pitman Trooper John Sheffield

Mary Plain Trooper John Chanter

Margaret Pocock Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Matthew Pocock Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Timothy Pocock Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Pamela Ponder Private Edward White

Vickie Ponman Trooper Edgar Howard

Trent Ponman Trooper Edgar Howard

Mark Prince-McGrath Corporal Isaac Farrant

Jocelyn Pollard Private William Gardner

Keith Porter Gunner Fredrick Heywood

John Potter Staff Sergeant Archibald Mason

Robert Potts Trooper Sydney Carbine

Louise Poulos Private Charles Woodhead

Amie Poynton Private Louis Waterson

Andrew Poynton Private Louis Waterson

Carter Poynton Private Louis Waterson

Cohen Poynton Private Louis Waterson

Judith Poynton Private Louis Waterson

Dr Raymond Preston Private Richard Preston

William Preston Private Richard Preston

Kevin_Price Trooper Norman Price

David Priest Private David Priest

Lillian Price Corporal George Paul

Pauline Prince Trooper Charles Murphy

Maxwell Pringle Trooper William Coady

Joan Pritchard Lance Corporal Mavon May

Brian Prosser Sergeant Henry Prosser

Kevin Prosser Sergeant Henry Prosser

Robert Prosser Sergeant Henry Prosser

Mary Prowse Private John Moyle

Christine Purvis Private Robert Orton


Kevin Radburn Lance Corporal Archibold Radburn

Kay Radford Trooper Percival_Kidson

David Rafferty Private Rupert Rafferty

Janet Ralph Trooper Alfred Atkinson

Leonard Ramsay Private James Ramsay

Jean Randall Trooper William Mills

Dianne Randell Trooper Thomas Edwards

Carol Ranger Trooper William Mills

David Rankine Major William Eames

Alan Ratcliffe Trooper Samuel Heathwood

Ray Rauchle Staff Sergeant George Rauchle

Mary Rawlings Sergeant Henry Prosser

May Ray Private Simon Strahan

Jennifer Redding Private Frederick Kollosche

Lynette Reeves Private Charles Marshall

Ann Reid Trooper James Goodes

Beverley Reid Private Julius Peters

Lynne Reid Farrier Sergeant William Bruce

Glenn Reimer Trooper Edward Reimer

Christopher Richards Trooper William Charles

Heath Richter Sergeant George Goodall

Andrea Reece Ranger Gilbert King

Danielle Reed Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Alex Reichel Private John Gunter

Helen Reichenbach Lance Corporal Edward Chesher

Helen Reichenbach Private George Chesher

Brenda Reilly Trooper Dominic Trim

Glenn Reimer Trooper George McMillan

Leonie Rennie Sergeant Charles White

Deborah Reynolds Trooper Charles Cawthorn

Herbert Reynolds Lance Corporal Hubert Reynolds

Deborah Rice Private William Lilley

Linda Rice Corporal John Jones

Dianne Richards Trooper Osborne Chilcott

Shannon Richards Private Arthur Richards

Lovise Richardson Private Arthur Stephens

Judith Richardson Trooper Norman Strickland

Ruth Richardson Trooper John Roberts

Wendy Richardson Corporal Frederick Moore

Emma Rickets Trooper James Goodes

Genny Riddle Corporal(?) Pieter Swartz

Alan Righetti Captain Edmund Righetti

Sue Rimmer Trooper Joseph Hillier

Erin Ritter Trooper William McDonald

Margaret Rittway Trooper Benjamin Hore

Malcom Roach Private Charles Roach

Leslie Roberts Lance Corporal James Roberts

Wayne Roberts Private Ernest Bradbury

Wayne Roberts Trooper Thomas Roberts

June Robertson Trooper Ernest Murphy

June Robertson Lance Corporal Francis Murphy

June Robertson Shoeing-Smith John Murphy

Charles Robinson Trooper Charles Ausling

Cheryl Robinson Trooper Thomas Martin

Bruce Robinson Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Gordon Robinson Trooper William Robinson

Helen Robinson Lieutenant George Robinson

Isabelle Robertson Lieutenant John McEachran

James Robinson Trooper Thomas Martin

Jecia Robertson Lieutenant John McEachran

Mark Robinson Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Jennifer Roberts Private Archibald Cameron

Sharon Robertson Lieutenant John McEachran

Evelyn Robinson Private John Dawes

Carole Robson Trooper Matthew Robson

Maureen Robson Trooper William Maclaren

Beverley-Anne Rodan Sergeant Garnet Gourlay

David Roche Corporal Michael Roche

Karen Roebig Private William Lilley

Alan Rogers Sergeant Henry Rogers

Brittany Rogers Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Courtney Rogers Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Danielle Rogers Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Jonathon Rogers Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Commodore Geoffrey Rose AM RAN Retd Sergeant Ernest Rose

Brian Ross Commandant George Ross

Glenn Ross Trooper Hugh Ross

Graham Ross Trooper Hugh Ross

Ruth Ross Sergeant Frederick Mansfield

Ruth Ross Trooper Isaac Williams

Ruth Ross Trooper John Williams

Lily Marshall-Roth Lieutenant George Witton

Jessie Rule Trooper Oswald Squire

John Rust Sergeant William Rust

Clare Rosengrant Lance Corporal Edgar Thomas

Ray Rowland Trooper Joseph Rowland

Olive Rowles Private Thomas Berry

Kim Rowston Lance Sergeant John Smith

Louise Roy Corporal James Kemp

Lois Royle Private Clarence Mullen

Lois Royle Private George Mullen

Jonathan Russack Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Enid Russell Trooper William Ebery

Robyn Ryan Trooper James Patton

Walter Ryan Lieutenant John McEachran


Mary Sancataldo Private Thomas Cleary

Janelle Sanders Private Leslie Oakley

Elizabeth Santolin Private Frederick Savill

Leslie Sargeant Trooper Frederick Avard

Alaistair Saunders Trooper Alfred Saunders

Beryl-Ann Saunders Private James Grayson

Ian Sayers Private Alexander Brown

Adrian Sayle Sergeant William Miller

Stephen Saywell Trooper Archabold North

Stephen Saywell Trooper George North

Albert Scanlan Private Albert Scanlan

Dennis Scanlan Private Albert Scanlan

Cynthia Schmidt Trooper Thomas Cross

Miriam Schmidt Trooper William Trantum

Stephanie Schrapel Corporal Alfred Hood

Dianne Schofield Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Ken Schrader Trooper Frederick James

Priscilla Schryver Trooper Charles Browne

Joshur Schroder Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Leanne Schroder Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Natalie Schroder Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Peter Schy Private Frank Schy

Susan Scobie Lieutenant Roy Fotheringham

Ian Scotland Sergeant William Dobbie

Ian Scott Major Frederick Purcell

Robert Scott Corporal James Cairns

Vickie Scott Warrant Officer John Bond

Lesley Sealey Sergeant Frederick Brewster

Robert Sealey Private Herbert Sealey

Peter Fitzhardinge-Seton Second Lieutenant Arthur Fitzhardinge

Peter Fitzhardinge-Seton Lieutenant Grantley Fitzhardinge

Peter Fitzhardinge-Seton Private Hubert Seton

Peter Fitzhardinge-Seton Captain Miles Seton

Gregory Sexty Lieutenant James Tedder

Brian Shadler Captain Reinhold Shadler

Ken Shadler Captain Reinhold Shadler

Patricia Sharpe Private Albert_Milner

Margaret Sharpin Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

June Shaw Lieutenant Henry Robson

Lisa Shaw Trooper Dominic Trim

Robert Shaw Private John Shaw

Judith Sheehan Trooper Samuel Berry

Russell SheehanPrivate Daniel Sheehan

Barbara Shennan Private Henry Jones

E Shepherd Colour Sergeant Albert Cooke-Russell

Iris Shepherd Major Charles Reade CB, MID

Allanah Sheppard Trooper Frederick Sheppard

Gordons (x2) Sheppard Trooper Frederick Sheppard

Henry Sheppard Trooper Frederick Sheppard

Monika Sheppard Trooper Frederick Sheppard

Naomi Sheil Trooper Richard Culshaw

Jennifer Shipley Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes

Marilyn Shoobert Trooper Charles Hunter

Andrew Shreeve Private James Shreeve

David Shreeve Private James Shreeve

Jane Sheahan Trooper Charles Ellison

Peter Shugg Private Stanley Dare

Ivy Siddle Trooper Sidney Hill

Oliver Sieur Sergeant Archibald Nowland

Oliver Sieur Trooper Walter Nowland

Oliver Sieur Corporal Hugh Underwood

Judith Slater Lance Corporal Rupert Douglas

Leslie Simkin Private George Gwyther

Daniel Simpkins Trooper Herbert Cuthbert

Heather Skinner Trooper William Cason

Phillip Skinner Private Henry Throughgood

Sandra Skinner Trooper Frank Jacobs

Sharon Skinner Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Kerry Skipworth Private Thomas Angel

Eve Skulander Gunner William Watson

Marjorie Smart Sergeant Henry Morrison

Caroline Mann-Smith Private Edward Hanson

Cynthia Smith Private William Jackson

Gary Smith Trooper Frederick Cullen

Georgia Smith Trooper Frederick Cullen

Graeme Smith Trooper Thomas Hodgman Smith

Hugh Smith Trooper Frederick Cullen

Ian Smith Trooper Walter Smith

Jason Smith Trooper Walter Smith

Jill Smith Sergeant John Barraclough

Katrina Smith Trooper Frederick Cullen

Lillian Smith Private William Smith

Mark Smith Trooper Frederick Cullen

Michael Smith Trooper Michael Smith

Michael Smith Sergeant John Barraclough

Monty Smith Private Herbert Sealey

Patricia Smith Sergeant William Johnson

Richard Fenton-Smith Sergeant Henry Best

Sandra Smith Trooper William Rowe

Shirley Smith Trooper George Fry

Stephen Smith Private John O'Sullivan

Elizabeth Smit Lance Corporal William Thomson

Elizabeth Smit Trooper Arthur Turnbull

Stuart Smith Trooper Edwin Smith

Susan Smith Private John Evans

Thomas Smith Private Thomas Smith

Troy Smith Trooper Edwin Smith

Leonie Smyth Trooper Ernest Appleby

Glenn Robert Smythe Trooper David Smythe

Neville Smythe Trooper Herbert Goodes

Ruth Snipton Trooper John Salway

Dorothy Somerville Private George Forsyth

Diana Soutar Trooper Leonard Whiting

Leslie Sparks Lieutenant Peter Handcock

Donald Spencer Lieutenant William Spencer DCM MID

Duncan Spencer Sergeant James McGillivray

Garry Spencer Lance Corporal Gilbert Walker

Kelly Spencer Lieutenant James Loynes

John Spiller Private George Wildman

Margaret Spinks Corporal Walter Spier

Colin Sproule Corporal John Sproule

Cythia Squires Trooper George Saban

Norma Staber Trooper John Bradney

Margaret Staker Colour Sergeant William Wright

Arthur Starkey Private Arthur Sarkey

Isabella Greive-Starr Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Kiah Starr Trooper Frederick Cullen

Mary Starr Trooper Frederick Cullen

Matthew Starr Trooper Frederick Cullen

Jillian Steblina Sergeant Henry Prosser

Sally Steel Trooper Charles Cawthorn

Richard Steindl Private Robert Orton

Joyce Stenhouse-Brown Private George Stenhouse

Raymond Steeples Private Andrew Paul

Joan Stebbing Private Edward Hadfield

Malcolm Stephens Sergeant James Robinson

James Stevenson Private David Murray

Linda Stevens Private Robert Davies

Marilyne Stevenson Private David Murray

Sandy Stevenson Warrant Officer John McColl

William Stevenson Private David Murray

Nancy Shirley (Known as Shirley) Stevens Private John Ellis

Barbara Stewart Trooper Mark Cummings

Owen Stewart Lance Corporal George Newport

Belinda Sillar Private Herbert Andrews

Dianne Squires Trooper Thomas Fulton

Anthony Stimson Captain Alfred Norton

Mitchell David Steinberg Private Frederick Bartlett

William Stinson Sergeant William Stinson

Barry Stirling Trooper Alfred Atkinson

Matthew Stockham Major Robert Lenehan

Stacie Stockham Major Robert Lenehan

Susan Stockham Major Robert Lenehan

William Stockham Major Robert Lenehan

Christopher Stokes Trooper Frederick Edwards

Elizabeth Mary Stone Trooper Robert Humphreys

Marion Stott Private Frederick Hammond

Malcolm Stradwick Trooper Frederick_Stradwick

Christopher Strachan Private William Warlow

Meredith Strain Trooper James McKinna

Belinda Strong Private Henry Brown

Michelle Stuart Trooper Charles Cameron

Julie Sullivan Trooper Mitchell Lloyd

Neil Summers Trooper John Summers

Dawn Supple Corporal Lionel Manning

Bryce Sutcliffe Corporal Charles Sutcliffe

Thelma Swain Staff Sergeant George Rauchle

Allan Svensen Private Nikolai Svensen

David Swain Trooper David Martin

Andrew Swan Trooper John Swan

Kathleen Swan Sergeant Thomas McAlister

Kathleen Swan Trooper Patrick McAlister

Dorothy Swanson Trooper Edward Glasscock

James Sweetapple Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Roslyn Sweetapple Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Colin Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Ian Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Margaret Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Marion Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Neville Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Vivienne Sykes Private Frederick Ford

Connie Symons Private Conway Drew


Dale Tabbutt Private Jesse Tabbut

Dianne Tabbutt Private Jesse Tabbut

Rosemary Taffijn Lance Corporal Thomas Holt

Robert Talbot Trooper Hugh Talbot

Sue TalbotTrooper Francis Reid

Robert Talbot Trooper William Talbot

Patricia Talbot Trooper Thomas McIlveen

Edward Tamsett Trooper Edgar Tamsett

Gregory Tamsett Trooper Edgar Tamsett

Sue Talbot Private Henry Hall

Lila Tanner Trooper Roland Freer

Faye Taylor Gunner Thomas Robinson

Hazel Taylor Sergeant Herbert Fogg

Mark Taylor Trooper Richard Bunn

Ray Taylor Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes

Ronald Taylor Private William Fox

Rowland Taylor Trooper Hugh Corpe

Ann Teasdale Sergeant Alfred Pounceby

Ann Teasdale Trooper Patrick Verdon

Peter Tedder Lieutenant James Tedder

Noel Tennant Corporal Percy Tennant

Debra Anne Thalbourne / Collins Trooper Edgar Spendor

Carmel Thew Private William Byrne

Jean Thew Trooper Philip Rush

Roy Theyers Private John Vogler

Gilbert Thomas Trooper Charles Fenton

Jeffrey Thomas Sergeant Hugh Shaw

Michael Thomas Trooper Robert Luxton

Christian Thomsen Private Christian Thomsen

David Thomson Private David Murray

Denise Thompson Trooper John Korff

Barbara Thomson Corporal William Bollinger

Helen Thomson Trooper Harold Arnold

Helen Thomson Corporal Herman Arnold

Helen Thomson Captain Alfred Bessell-Browne

Jack Thompson Trooper Andrew Thompson

Laurel Thompson Private Stanley Dare

Margaret Thomson Trooper Thomas Milne

Mervyn Thompson Trooper William McCusker

Michaela Thompson Private Stanley Dare

Montgomery Thompson Private Christopher Armstrong

Ronald Thompson Captain Casimir Sellheim

Ronald Thompson Major Victor Sellheim

Eleanor Thornton Trooper Charles Kelleher

Robin Thurman Private William Lilley

Joanne Tier Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Rodrick Tier Trooper Bernard Tier

Janette Titterton Sergeant William Burgess

Colin Toll Trooper John Toll

Lesley Todd Trooper Albert Slade

Leith Toll Sergeant Henry Bennett

Alan Toll-Waller Trooper John Toll

Alexander Tolmer Sergeant Henry Prosser

Betsy Tolmer Sergeant Henry Prosser

Pauline Tolmer Sergeant Henry Prosser

Mary Tom Private George Seaborn

Colin Towe Guardsman William Towe

Thomas Trevenar Driver James Trevenar

Leon Treweek Trooper James Treweek

Leon Treweek Trooper Stacy Treweek

Edward Trezise Private Martin Trezise

Barbara Trim Trooper Dominic Trim

David Trompp Trooper Richard Culshaw

Shannon Trompp Trooper Richard Culshaw

Jane Trufitt Private Benjamin Lockwood

Joan Truscott Sergeant Henry Prosser

Walter Tuchin Trooper Robert Parkhill

Helen Tumbers Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Paul Tumbers Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Sarah Turbit Private Thomas Browne

Brian Turley Lieutenant George Witton

Denise Turner Lance Corporal Joseph Cooke

Gina Turner Warrant Officer John Bond

Helen Turner Trooper William Turner

Joan Turner Trooper Thomas McElwaine

John Turner Private James Shreeve

Jean Turvey Private Charles Lambley

William Tweedie Private William Tweedie

Dorothy Tydeman Trooper John Tancred

Elaine Tynan Lance Corporal David Fuller

Murray Tyrrell Sergeant Frederick Tyrrell

Murray Tyrrell Captain John Wilkinson

Gwen Tyson Private George Noakes


Toni Unwin Trooper Thomas Skene


Shirley Valentine Sergeant Henry Prosser

Pamela Valentine Trooper Hector Holmes

Wendy Valentine Trooper Hector Holmes

Raelene Van De Kamp Lieutenant George Witton

Margaret Vaneyk Gunner Stephen Brenton

Wayne Allan Van Tenac Trooper Christopher Lovelock

Lenard Vaughan Private Michael Vaughan

Alexander Vearing Private James Vearing

Alexander Vearing Corporal Thomas Vearing

Susan Venohr Private James Gallagher

Raymond Verdon Gunner Francis Verdon

Stan Vesper Warrant Officer John Bond

Barry Vickery Trooper Albert Vickery

Christopher Vigors Sergeant William Burgess

Patricia Vigors Sergeant William Burgess

Terence Vinall Private Edward Vinall

Dorothy Vincent Trooper Arthur Hunt

Peter Vivian Private Edgar Vivian

Dorothy Vowles Lance Corporal Caleb Hayes


Annette Wade Trooper Frank Jacobs

Jennifer Wainwright Sister (Lieutenant) Mary Pocock

Suzanne Waite Private Archibald McPherson

Steve Wakely Private William Ingram

John Walch Trooper James Walch

Courtney Walker Warrant Officer James Mitchell

David Walker Private Joseph Sabelberg

Jann Walker Major Charles Reade CB, MID

Jayne Walker Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Jim Walker Private Archibald Swan

Jim Walker Private David Swan

Jim Walker Private John Swan

Jim Walker Trooper Miles Swan

Jim Walker Private William Swan

Karlee Walker Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Susan Walker Private Thomas Suter

James Walker Sergeant Major James Walker

Ryan Walker Warrant Officer James Mitchell

Peter Wall Sister Julia Anderson

Duncan Wallace Private Andrew Wallace

Nancye Wallace Sergeant George Murray

Olivia Wallace Trooper Frederick Cullen

Rebecca Wallace Trooper Frederick Cullen

Andrew Waller Trooper John Toll

Noel Rev Dr Wallis Private John Blundell

Noel Rev Dr Wallis Private Harry Wallis

Thomas Wanliss Lieutenant Ewen Wanliss

Deanne Walls Sergeant Hugh Walls

Lachlan Ward Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Natalie Ward Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Sharon Ward Colour Sergeant William Kimberley

Denise Warren Trooper George Cronin

Robert Waterer Private Albert Waterer

Brian Waters Private Edward Fell

Dale Watson Private Arthur Sarkey

Graham Watson Private Arthur Sarkey

John Watson Trooper Vivian Watson

Lesley Watson Trooper Arthur Watson

Phil Watson Lieutenant Frederick Bell

Richard Watson Gunner William Watson

Terry Watson Gunner William Watson

Reginald Watson Trooper Frederick Watson

Helen Watt Private Frederick Cook

Jack Watt Trooper Albert Massey

Helen Watt Private Silas Cook

Margaret Watts Trooper James Watts

Roberta Watts Trooper Joseph Dowling

Deidhre Wauchop Private Robert Krauth

Judith Webb Corporal Patrick Gilshenen

Margaret Webb Private George Forsyth

Wendy Webb Second Lieutenant Dugald Drummond DCM

Brian Webber Gunner Frederick Menah

Eileen Webber Charles Jackson

Jean Webster Private James Dugan

Nicole Wecker Trooper Frank Jacobs

Charles Weeks Trooper Maurice Weeks

Clive Weeks Trooper Maurice Weeks

Faye Weeks Corporal Thomas Jenner

Dianne Wegener Private Julius Wegener

John Wehr Trooper Edward Sleader

Sandra Weine Private Fred Jenkins

Annie Weinert Corporal Frederick Moore

James Weir Private George Porter

John Went Private Edward Keenan

Edward West Private Oliver Miller

Yvonne Westall Corporal Herbert Bartley

Thomas William Westhead Lance Corporal William McCutchan

John Westhorp Private Alfred Johnson

John Westling Trooper Charles Westling

Kirk Westwood Captain Fletcher Quintal

Marguerite Westwood Captain Fletcher Quintal

Robert Westwood Captain Fletcher Quintal

Ross Westwood Captain Fletcher Quintal

Jennifer Wheeldon Trooper John Ford

Jennifer Wheeldon Trooper Theron Ford

Elizabeth White Trooper Alfred White

Elizabeth White Trooper George White

Joy White Captain Alfred Adie

Julie White Captain Reinhold Shadler

Marie White Trooper Albert Campling

Noel White Trooper Albert White

Owen White Private Arthur White

Valerie White Trooper Henry White

John Whitlaw Trooper Walter Cartwright

Max Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Ashley Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Bill Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Grant Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Hamish Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Laura Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Nicholas Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Thomas Whitney Trooper Ashley Whitney

Christopher Whittle Trooper Clement Whittle

Kathryn Whye Trooper Alfred Whye

Ellen Wilkinson Private Frank Seymour

Gary Willett Sergeant David Anderson

Barbara Whitmee Private Robert Pitt

Carol Whittingslow Sergeant Walter_Macfarlane

Norman Wittingslow Trooper William Wittingslow>

Coral Wilkie Sergeant Harry Smith

Hilda Wilkinson Lieutenant William Ponsonby

Rodney Willan Private Digby Willan

Gail Willan Trooper William Hamilton

Anthony Willebrands Trooper Henry Comben

Bowen Willebrands Trooper Henry Comben

Layne Willebrands Trooper Henry Comben

Jim Willett Staff Sergeant George Willett

Alison Williams Lance Corporal Henry Keetley

David Williams Trooper Albert Williams

Fiona Williams Private John Worrall

Grant Williams Trooper Albert Williams

Karen Williams Trooper Albert Williams

Phillip Williams Trooper Albert Williams

Rae Williams Trooper Osborne Chilcott

Robert Williams Sergeant Major George Williams

Lyn Hudson-Williamson Trooper William Neve

Lyn Hudson-Williamson Corporal Peter Post

Lyn Hudson-Williamson Trooper Ernest Howarth

Jeanette Williamson Sergeant Major George Griffen

Max Williamson Trooper Farquhar Williamson

Lorraine Williams Trooper James Lugg

Peter Williams Trooper Henry Gurran

Shirley Willmott Sergeant Daniel Mason

Shirley Willmott Trooper Robert Mason

Kim Willis Lance Corporal Mavon May

Robert Willis Lance Corporal Mavon May

Robert Willson Corporal Donald McClymont

Peter Wilmot Staff Sergeant Thomas Heery

Ben Wilson Trooper Walter Dexter

Catherine Wilson Major Robert Lenehan

Don Wilson Trooper Ralph Cumming

Max Wilson Sergeant Thomas Berrie

Peter Wilson Corporal George Wilson

Peter David WilsonCaptain Sidney Wilson

Robert Wilson Trooper David Fisher

Susan Wilson Trooper Walter Dexter

Susan Wilson Sergeant Major Hampden Livesey

Tania Wilson re Private David Lilley

Tania Wilson re Private William Lilley

Thomas Wilson Major Robert Lenehan

Debra Wintels Private Archibald McPherson

Victor Winterford Sergeant Alfred Winterford

Jack Winters Trooper Jakob Knobel

Jed Winters Trooper Jakob Knobel

Paul Winters Trooper Jakob Knobel

Brian Wishart Trooper Joe Wishart

Ken Wonson Sergeant Albert Wonson

Ken Wonson Trooper William Wonson

Beverley Wood Private David Priest

Darryl Wood Sergeant Hugh Walls

June Wood Gunner Fredrick Heywood

Tom Wood Private Frank Schy

Anne Woodcock Trooper George Hogan

James Woodforde Trooper Eric Woodforde

Des Woodley Private James Dunne

Kevin Woods Private Arthur Woods

Yvonne Woods Private William Smith

Ian Woolcott Private William Woolcott

William Woolmore Sergeant Thomas Woolmore

George Worthington Trooper Dominic Trim

Sophie Worthington Trooper Dominic Trim

Stephen Worthington Trumpeter Allen Worthington

Sheridan Worthy Lieutenant Gideon Grieve

Audrey Kennedy-Wright Private Frederick Ford

Edward Kennedy-Wright Private Frederick Ford

Glen Kennedy-Wright Private Frederick Ford

Greg Wright Corporal John Thomas Jones

Meredith Kennedy-Wright Private Frederick Ford

William Kennedy-Wright Private Frederick Ford

Nellie Wright Trooper Benjamin Partridge

William Wright Lieutenant William Wright

Roslyn Winzar Sergeant John Wardrobe

Nancye Wyatt Trooper John Toovey


Margaret Yeo Trooper Oliver Milling

Lawrence Yeomans Warrant Officer John Bond

Averil York Sergeant Miles Dare

Alexandra York Private Thomas Clutterbuck

Elaine Young Sergeant George Burrows

Elaine Young Gunner John Burrows

Judith Young Sergeant Edward Sullivan

Margaret Young Sergeant John Barraclough

William Young Lieutenant William Young


John Zuringer Corporal John Brooks

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