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Trooper Bertram Stevens

Ancestor Details

Name of Ancestor: Bertram Alfred Stevens

Ancestor's date of birth: 1885

Ancestor's date of death: 1947

Cause of Death: Detail not provided.

Service and Life Before the Boer War: Occupation Farmer. Bertram (Bert) Alfred Stevens was born in 1885 in Molong, his parents being Henry Denton and Emma Woods Stevens. Henry and Emma's marriage was registered in Orange in 1876. The birth of their first child was registered in Orange in 1877, the next four were registered in Molong and their last child was registered in Orange in 1891. 2 The family appears to have moved to Millthorpe at some stage as Bert requested his pay to be sent to his mother at Millthorpe. 3 Bert left Millthorpe Station on 23 January 1901 with other Millthorpe men to offer for active service in South Africa. It was reported in the press on 3 March 1902: 'The following accepted volunteers for South Africa have been home for three days to see their friends. Messrs. J. Norris, B. A. Stevens, M. Rock, J. Neville, J. Jackson, T. Brooks and J. Cook. They left by the mail train on Wednesday night for Sydney. An enthusiastic crowd of about 200 people assembled on the platform and gave them a hearty farewell.' Bert officially enlisted on 22 April 1901. The press reported, 'Our Boys - On Monday morning Mr. H. D. Stevens received a wire from his son, B. A. Stevens sent from Albany, stating that all was well on board the troopship "British Princess" bound for South Africa.'

Service Number: 1148

Colony or State of enlistment: NSW, Place of Enlistment: Millthorpe

Unit: 3rd NSW Mounted Rifles

Rank attained in Boer War: TPR, Date Effective: 22/04/1901

Highest Rank attained (if served after war): No evidence of post Boer War service

Murray Page: 132

Contingent: Fifth New South Wales.

Ship: British Princess, Date of Sailing: 21/03/1901

Memorial details: Detail not provided

Awards/Decorations/Commendations: Queen's South Africa Medal with Orange Free State, Transvaal, SA 1901 and SA 1902 clasps.

Personal Characteristics: Detail not provided.

Reasons to go and fight: Detail not provided.

Details of service in war: April 1901 - April 1902 in Free State and East Transvaal including Boer breakthrough at Langverwacht (24 February 1902). On 9 July 1901, Edward Sams wrote that he and Bert Stevens were among a group who had been sent to burn some grass so the Boers would be unable to see which way they went. Suddenly the bullets started to sing by and they ducked and weaved for a while but then got tired of it and continued with their burning. They were among 2,500 who were stationed at Platrand and they had nine or ten guns which sounded like a big clap of thunder when they went off.' They caught a Boer General who was heading for a laager to pay his men but he happened to come across their path and didn't make it and they confiscated his money. That was the end of that General's career.

Service and life after the Boer War: Returned to on the Ansonia. Bert was discharged on 12 June 1902. No further details provided

Descendant Details

Name of Descendant: Alexander John Matheson, Elderslie NSW
Relationship to Ancestor: Great nephew


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