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National Boer War Memorial Design Unveiled - March 2012

On behalf of the Canberra National Memorials Committee the Hon Simon Crean MP, Minister for Regional Development, Regional Australia and Local Government, has approved the Boer War Memorial design.

The memorial will be an inspired design of Australian troopers mounted on war horses breaking through the trees of ANZAC Parade Canberra.

The sculptures of a section of four horsemen are dynamic, bold and realistic; not impressionistic. The positioning and postures of the troopers create dynamism and tension. Each horse and soldier is portrayed with individual character and movement in the act of patrolling, searching and watching.

The history-capturing design will bring a new note to Australia’s national memorial precinct which leads to the Australian War Memorial. It will commemorate Australia’s first war as a federated nation.

The design embraces the horseman as the bushman folk hero of Australian culture; an independent and resourceful Australian acclimatised to a tough existence on the land. The significance of the four troopers is that they represent a four-man section, a formation for fighting and patrolling. When they went into combat, three men would dismount while the fourth would lead the horses to cover. This display of interaction and observation is reflected in the placement of the horses in the setting. Colonel John Haynes, National President of the Boer War Memorial Association, describes the design as "A magnificent and fitting memorial to the predecessors of today’s troopers serving in the Australian Defence Force."

The National Patron of the Boer War Memorial Association General David Hurley AC, DSC, Chief of Defence Force unveiled the design in Canberra on 1 March 2012 to an audience of Boer War Memorial Association members, the Press and Sculptor Louis Laumen whose task it will be to bring the design to life. Design was jointly by: Pod Landscape Architecture and Jane Cavanough.


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