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Newcastle C1 Apr 1902

Based at Newcastle the First Contingent Aust Commonwealth Horse deployed outposts to block passes in nearby mountains while massive Imperial columns drove local Boers towards a blockhouse line of containment.

Australian Mounted Troops Involved:

1st Contingent. Aust Commonwealth Horse, ie:
1st Australian Commonwealth Horse (Lt Col J.S. Lyster)
(Four and a half mounted rifle sqns; 3 x NSW, 1 x Qld, ½ WA)
2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse (Lt Col D. McLeish)
(Four and a half mounted Rifle Sqns; 3 x Vic, 1 x SA, ½ WA)

Reference: Wilcox, Craig. Australia’s Boer War. The War In South Africa 1899-1902. Oxford University Press in conjunction with AWM, Australia, 2002, ISBN 0 19 551637 0 p336-337


Major John Baines

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