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The First Horse Unveilled

30 April 2015, was a day to remember for people watching progress with the National Boer War Memorial. The first of the four 1.5 times life-size bronze mounted troopers was completed and ready to be unveiled at the Fundere Fine Art Foundry in Sunshine, Victoria.

Banjo Paterson would have been in his element because "all the cracks had galloped to the fray". The honour of unveiling the horse and trooper was given to Mr Michael Crouch, a solid supporter of the Memorial and Chairman of the National Fund Raising Committee.

As the green veil came off it revealed a huge, stunning masterpiece in bronze, the creation of eminent sculptor, Louis Laumen, and expertly cast in bronze by the foundry people who have put together a great artwork which would have few, if any, equals in the world today.

The accompanying photos give a good idea of the final outcome but nothing matches seeing the great 1.5 ton horse and rider 'in the bronze'. It must now inspire us all to get on with the fund raising-so that all four-mounted troopers will be finished in bronze without any delay which could affect the grand opening day for the Canberra Memorial which is planned for Boer War Day, 31 May 2017.

Please mouse over photos for captions.

Photos by Major Rob Suggett and Elizabeth Brobbel.


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