The money needed has been raised, the Memorial is finished and ready for dedication on 31 May 2017. >>>
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Dedication Ceremony 31 May 2017 - Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any changes or additional information becomes available, these will be posted on this website and guests should check it before the ceremony.

If we have not answered your question, please contact the Association Secretary.

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The Memorial is located on the west side of Anzac Parade, Canberra, a short distance north of its intersection with Constitution Avenue. Our Guest Marquee is adjacent.


Access to the venue will be open from 0900 h. The Governor-General is due to arrive at 1030 h and all guests are requested to be seated no later than 1015 h. The Ceremony is due to finish shortly before 1200 h.

 Drop-off and Pick-up

Vehicle access is restricted. If you arrive by cab or are driven to the site, you should arrive before 1000 h. The recommended drop-off and pickup point is on Anzac Park, immediately to the rear of the Boer War Memorial site on Anzac Parade. A pathway close to the drop-off point leads directly to the front of the Memorial and to the Guest Marquee.


Parking for about 200 cars is available to our Guests off Limestone Ave, Reid (see map). Look for entry sign in Limestone Ave. A free shuttle bus with disabled access will run from there to the Memorial site approximately each 15 minutes from 0900 h, with the last run at 1000 h. After the Ceremony, return shuttle buses will depart about each 15 minutes from 1230 h until 1330 h.

Other Parking

Some parking may be available in streets adjacent to the Memorial site. In addition, paid parking may be available on Constitution Avenue opposite the Canberra Institute of Technology 0.5 km from the Memorial, accessible only from the direction of Anzac Parade.

 Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus will run from the guest parking on Limestone Avenue (see ‘Parking’ for details). Its only other pick up will be for those staying at the Mercure Hotel, with timings to be advised shortly (NLT a week before the event).


Gentlemen coat and tie with medals. Ladies in accord with taste, medals as appropriate. Serving members: Navy W2, Army 1B, Air Force 4A.


To ensure all those with allocated seating are seated in time, Guests have been allocated to a colour-coded zone, indicated on their entrée card. Ushers will provide guidance and may need to adjust seating to cater for those with limited mobility or groups who need to be kept together. You are requested to follow their instructions and to be considerate of the needs of others.

Please note that all reserved seating has been allocated - still plenty of standing room.

 Disabled Access

If you or any member of your party needs wheelchair access, please email the Association Secretary as early as possible so we can provide assistance on arrival.


During the Dedication, all those who served in the Boer War will be commemorated by wreaths laid by the Governor-General and other dignitaries. However, if you wish to lay a private wreath or other tribute at the conclusion of the Ceremony, please email the Association Secretary as soon as possible so we can arrange this.

Tables will be available for the private tributes to be stored during the service so those who have brought them do not have to hold them during the ceremony; ushers will point these tables out on arrival. These tables are used at the individual’s own risk – they are responsible for placing the wreaths there on arrival and retrieving them in order to lay them and the NBWA is not responsible for the security of the wreaths during the ceremony.


None are available at the Memorial site. Cafes or restaurants with limited parking within a short distance include: corner of Constitution Avenue and Creswell Street (0.5 km), at the Australian War Memorial (1.2 km uphill) and the Campbell shops on Blamey Crescent (1.5 km). City Centre eateries and parking are 1.3 km away.

 First Aid and Toilets

A first aid facility will be on site as will toilets, some with disabled access.

 Bus Access

Both sides of Anzac Parade and Anzac Park West will be closed from 0600-1600 h on 31 May 2017. However, as long as the Association Secretary has been advised beforehand, with details of the vehicle (coachline name and if possible vehicle registration number) then the bus will be provided access to drop its passengers off from 0900 at the rear of the marquee on the median strip on Anzac Parade, from the southbound lanes, approaching from the north (i.e. the AWM end of Anzac Parade). All passengers must be dropped off no later than 1000 h. There will be no access to the northbound lanes from Constitution Avenue at all. At the end of the ceremony – from 1230 h on – drivers will be able to pick up their passengers from the same spot behind the marquee that they dropped them off at.

 Live Stream

The ceremony will be streamed over the internet. Please follow THIS LINK, note that the streaming site is complex, expect a delay to download.

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