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Bloemfontein 13 March 1900

Bloemfontein occupied.

Lord Roberts occupied the OFS capital and waited for his Central column under Clements to join him. Here Roberts planned the next stage of his advance which would be along the railway line north towards Pretoria, the capital of the Transvaal. The Australian Regiment was disbanded on 6 April and reorganized. Australian mounted units were placed in General Hutton’s Mounted Brigade: the 2nd Corps under Lt. Col. De Lisle included all the NSWMR squadrons and the West Australians; the 3rd Corps under Lt. Colonel Pilcher included the QMI and the NZMR; and the 4th Corps under Lt. Colonel Henry had the Victorians (now augmented by the 2/VMR), the SAMR and the Tasmanians.


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