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Bibliography of Recommended Books Relating to Australians at The Boer War

Abbott, J.H.M., Tommy Cornstalk - Some account of the South African War from the Point of view of the Australian Ranks, London 1902

Barton, G.B. & Ridpath, J.C., The Story of South Africa, Oceanic Publishing Co., c.1900.

Bassett, J., Guns and Brooches. Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War, 1992.

Blackmore, E.G., The Story of the South Australian Bushmen's Corps, 1900

Bufton, J., Tasmanians in the Transvaal War, S.G. Loone, Hobart, 1905.

Calder, Winty, Heroes and Gentlemen, Jinmaringle Press, 1985. [Focusses on Colonel Tom Price, VMR]

Campbell, J., History of West Australian Contingents serving in South Africa during the Boer War (1899-1902), 1910

Carnegie, Margaret and Shields, Frank, In Search of Breaker Morant, 1979.

Chamberlain, Max, The Australians in the South African War (1899-1902) - A Map History, 1999.

Chamberlain, Max, & Droogleever, Robin, The War with Johnny Boer, AMHP, Sydney, 2003.

Cutlack, F.M., Breaker Morant - A Horseman who made history, 1962

Davey, Arthur, Breaker Morant and the Bushveldt Carbineers, Cape Town, 1987.

Denton, Kit, Closed File, Rigby, 1983. [Breaker Morant trial]

Droogleever, R., (ed), From the Front - the War correspondence of Banjo Patterson, MacMillan, 2001

Droogleever, R., That Ragged Mob - being the service history of the 3rd & 4th Victorian Bushmen Contingents to the Boer war, 2009.

Droogleever, R., Colonel Tom's Boys - being a service history of the 1st & 2nd Victorian Contingents to the Boer War, Melbourne, 2013.

Field, L.M., The Forgotten War - Australian Involvement in the South African Conflict of 1899-1902, MUP, 1979.

Goldman, C.S., With French and the cavalry in South Africa, MacMillan, London, 1902

Gray, I., A Dictionary of Australian Military History - From Colonial Times to the Gulf War, 1992

Gray, Sheila, Service Records of British & Colonial Women. A Record of Service in South Africa of military & civilian nurses, lay women and civilians, Auckland, New Zealand, 1993

Green, J., The Story of the Australian Bushmen, Brookes & Co., 1903

Grey, J., A Military History of Australia, Cambridge U.P., 1990

Haggett J. and Smith Monty, "A Jam Tin of Mosquitoes" A biographical reference to the South Australian men and women who volunteered to serve in South Africa 1899 to 1902. Published by Digital Print Australia, Adelaide. Launched March, 2014.

Hales, A.A.G., Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa, Cassell & Co., 1900

Hall, D.O.W., The New Zealanders in South Africa, Dept of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 1949

Harding, W., War in South Africa, Australian Publishing Co. 1899

Harvey, Len, Letters from the Veldt. An account of Queensland volunteers to the Boer War, 1994.

Hutton, Lt. Gen. E.T.H., Operations of General Hutton's Force, South African Campaign, 1900

Lewis, Major R.C., On the Veldt; a Plain narrative of service afield in South Africa, Hobart, 1902.

Macdonald, Donald, The Australasian Contingents in the South African War, [included in Harding, W., War in South Africa, 1899

Macdonald, Donald, How we kept the Flag Flying: The siege of Ladysmith through Australian eyes, Ward Lock, 1900

Murray, Lt. Colonel P.L., Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa, Dept. of Defence, Melbourne, 1911.   VIEW ONLINE

Price, John, They Proved to all the Earth, 1981 [Victorians who died in the Boer War]

Price, John, Southern Cross Scots. The Australian and New Zealand participation in the Marquis of Tullibardine's Scottish Horse in the South African War, 1992.

Reay, W.T., Australians in War. With the Australian Regiment from Melbourne to Bloemfontein, 1900

Stirling, John, The Colonials in South Africa, 1899-1902, Blackwood $ Sons, London, 1907

Sutton, R., For Queen & Empire: A Boer War Chronicle. 75th anniversary edition, NSWMHS, 1974

Vernon, Lt. Col. P.V. (Editor), The Royal New South Wales Lancers, 1885-1985, Parramatta 1985   BUY ONLINE

Wallace, R.L., The Australians at the Boer war, AWM, 1976

Wallace, R.L. Elands River Siege, AMHP, Sydney, 1992

Wilcox, Craig, Australia's Boer War, OUP, 2002.

Wilkinson, Frank, Australian Cavalry, 1901 [NSW Lancers & Australian Horse]

Wilkinson, Frank, Australia at the Front. A Colonial View of the Boer War, John Long, 1901.

Witton, G.R., Scapegoats of the Empire: the story of the Bushveldt Carbineers, 1907   VIEW ONLINE

Woolmore, W., The Bushveldt Carbineers and the Pietersburg Light Horse, Slouch Hat Publications, Melbourne, 2002.

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It is the hope of the BWM Committee that all local publications on the Boer War can be listed here. There is no other available reference point other than this so we would be most grateful if there are any outstanding omissions brought to our attention. Please note that this site is only accepting published works. If anyone wishes to submit the title of a publication that has been omitted kindly ensure that the submission includes title, author (or compiler), place and date of publication, and sponsor (if known). 'Local publication' is defined as one in which the service record of men from a designated area has been published. It does not include publications on weapons, uniforms etc.


"The Boer War from the perspective of the Glen Innes Examiner" compiled by Bill Cameron. Letters and gossip from men who lived in the district of Glen Innes, New South Wales.

"Campbelltown and the Boer War 1899-1902" by Jim Munro and Jeff McGill of the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society, New South Wales.

"From the Hunter valley to the Transvaal with Trooper Frederick Avard of the New South Wales Lancers," by Leslie Perrett.

"One Great Hour" by Trevor McCaskill, 172 Copeland Road, Beecroft, NSW 2119. The service of Private David Willis of the NSW Infantry Company, killed at Elands Kop on the 1st October 1900.

"Poor Jim has Died", by Helen Haynes, privately published, Sydney, 2001. The story of Trooper James Daniel Duff of the New South Wales Citizen's Bushmen, killed in action at Elands River siege, 4th August 1900.

"The Featherbed Soldiers", by Neil Smith and Cameron Simpson, Melbourne, 2001. The New South Wales Lancers in the Boer War 1899-1902.

"From Picton to Pretoria", compiled by Colin Sproule. NSW men from the Picton district. Brief biographies on each man from the district who served in South Africa.

"'Dear Mother': Milton-Ulladulla in the Wars" by Alex McAndrew, 1994. Covers the district between Milton and Ulladulla. Looks at service in all wars. Pages 57-80 cover the Boer War.

"Transvaal. The Boer War 1899-1902. Goulburn and District Volunteers" Letters etc taken from the Goulburn Evening Penny Post.

"Journeys of a Light Horseman", by Andrew Shepherdson. Military service of Harold Suttor who fought with the NSWMR in the Boer War and in the ALH in World War 1. His wife, Emily, who was a nurse in Egypt, also contributes to the book.

"A Thorough Soldier" by Terry Bugg, published by the Illawarra Family History Group 174 pp. 2003. Covers the service history of men from the Illawarra region which extends from the southern border of Sydney to the northern border of Nowra along the coast. The main town in the area is Wollongong.

Letters from the Boer War by Ian W. Symonds, published on behalf of the Port Macquarie H.S. 1999. Focusses on NSW who served in the Boer War and who had an association with Port Macquarie. Largely information taken from the Port Macquarie News.

Boer War : Mafeking to the Manning by Rod and Wendy Gow, privately published, 1999. Generally letters from men who resided in the Manning Valley and which were published in the Manning River Times and the Wingham Chronicle.

"Words of War" by Geoff Howe, privately published 1999. Australian accounts of the South African War, 1899-1902. Based on letters and interviews with soldiers who had connections with the Inner Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Ellis, R., Molong, Forbes and Districts' Involvement in the Boer War (1899-1902), Molong, 2012.

Philip Lee. Letters from South Africa: The Macleay Valley and the South African (Boer) War 1899-1902 Contains biographies, local history and hitherto unpublished letters from the Boer War in relation to the Macleay Valley (Kempsey NSW). Sponsored by a DVA Saluting Their Service Grant. Published by the Macleay River Historical Society, 2013 ISBN: 978-0-9598689-7-5.


"Diaries of Corporal Herbert Bail," 2nd Contingent, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1900 - 1903, ed. Trevor Bail, Canberra, 1999.

Martin, D., Voice from the Past - being the Life and Letters of Joseph W. Blumson (1881-1937), University of South Australia, 2001. Blumson served with the Imperial Light Infantry in the Boer War.


"Our Boys - letters from the Front" by Peter Stevenson, covers Inglewood District's contribution to the Boer War.

"The Second Harvest", by Peter Wilmot, covers the writings of Tom and Duncan Stock, Victorian brothers who served with the 1st and 5th VMR in the Boer war.

"Bacchus Marsh and the Boer War - a Community's response" compiled by four writers, published for the Bacchus Marsh and District Historical Society.

"Forgotten Heroes" by Florence Breed. Privately published. Covers the contribution of men from the District of Donald, southern Victoria.

"Murray Country Heroes" by Stan Clarke. Published by Yarrawonga-Mulwala RSL, 1995. Covers the service of men from Yarrawonga-Mulwala in both World wars but has a substantial chapter on the Boer War.

"Kerang Soldiers of the Queen" by Colin Heggen, 171 pp., privately published 2008. Looks at the soldiers from Kerang Shire

"Mystic Soldiers of Empire" by Colin Heggen, 192 pp. The Military service of Mystic Park residents in the Boer war, 1st and 2nd World Wars, privately published , 2001.

"The Ferntree Gully Shire - men who served in the Boer war 1899-1902", by Catherine Turnbull.

"Wimmera-Mallee Volunteers to the Boer War 1899-1902", privately printed, Warracknabeal, 2002, Horsham Historical Society.

"The Shire of Lillydale and its military Heritage", Volume 1, by Anthony McAleer

"Essendon and the Boer war", by Lenore Frost.

"Volunteers to Veterans", by Steve Strevens. Covers the service of men from Swan Hill & District.

"Shoulder to Shoulder", by Ron Blair, privately published, 2000. Covers a military history of the Baw Baw Shire and includes a record (rolls) of the men and women who served from the former shires of Buln Buln, Narracan, Walhalla and Warragul.

"Moe & District at War" ed. Graham Goulding on behalf of the Moe and District H.S. and Moe RSL, c.2008. Covers servicemen from the district , Boer war through to Vietnam. Largely extracts from the Narracan Shire Advocate.

"All but One Came Home" compiled by Margaret Williamson, Cindy Parker and Lisa Pickersgill, privately published by the Pyramid Hill & District HS, 2008. Covers Boer War stories of men who lived in the Pyramid Hill and Durham Ox area. Extracts taken from the Pyramid Hill Advertiser.


"The Anglo-Boer War. The 5th QIB. South Africa 1901-02" by Alan Fogg. Available from the internet.


"For Queen and Country" by John Sargent. Data on Tasmanians who served. Rolls, etc.

"Heroes All" by Reg Watson. Deals with Tasmanian Casualties in the Boer War.

Robin Droogleever, 2013

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